What can uggs wear?

Uggs, which have become incredibly popular lately, have been on the world's catwalks and pages of glossy magazines for several seasons in a row, remaining at the height of fashion and retaining their relevance. What is the secret of the extraordinary vitality of these, seemingly funny fur laps, resembling a hybrid of slippers and paws of a teddy bear? Why are such clumsy boots, the very name of which translates from English, as “ugly shoes” enjoy the love of all modern fashionistas?

Maybe the reason for the popularity of ugg lies in their practicality and convenience - you can easily spend all day on their feet and not get tired at all. But maybe the whole thing is that women are just tired of their narrow, tight tops and high heels. No one knows for sure, but the fact remains that the uggs are still favorites of fashion. It is possible that you could not resist these newfangled trends and bought yourself uggs. What you haven’t decided yet what to wear them with, so the desired new thing still stands idle in the closet, and you can't wait to quickly demonstrate it to everyone around you.Then, perhaps, you should listen to our advice on what to wear uggs in winter or summer, and, finally, wear them for the first time for a walk.

What is better to wear uggs

  • Classic ugg boots are kind of soft sheepskin boots, sewn suede out. They have low tops with fur inside, which are often fastened with a large decorative button, flat thick sole and wide blunt noses. Sheepskin, which goes to their production, is usually painted in natural colors - beige, cognac, light brown or sand. These uggs will be the perfect shoe for a dry and cold fall or winter. It is best to wear them with tight jeans - cigarettes tucked into the tops, and voluminous, long coarse-knit sweaters. A red, blue or black sweater works well for gray or milk uggs, and khaki, burgundy or dark green for brown ones. Winter ugg boots can be worn on thick solid-colored leggings or thick woolen tights - either smooth or with an ethnic pattern. The upper part of such a dress is a narrow and short knitted dress or a jumper golf with a fur vest and a small straight skirt.
  • Modern shoe designers have retreated from tradition and began to produce all kinds of unusual uggs for the sake of fashion - with their knitted, embroidered or decorated beads, rhinestones or rivets tops, as well as uggs of the most incredible colors. If you decide to wear these boots, remember that you should not unnecessarily overload your outfit with a riot of colors. For bright pink uggs trimmed with embroidery, it will be enough to pick up a knitted hat and gloves of the same color, and withstand all other details of the attire in cool gray tones. For black ugg bracelets decorated with brass rivets, put on a metallic tunic, and let the leggings and accessories be black.
  • Many girls are interested in the question whether you can wear uggs with shorts. Fashion designers generally do not approve of this option, although if you are young, thin, you are tall and have long legs, then try to wear low ugi and short shorts the same color as them. Perhaps the effect you enjoy.
  • Uggs have become so popular that many designers now recommend wearing them on summer days. For this, the classic fur uggs, as you understand, are absolutely no good, therefore, special lightweight summer uggs with knitted or woven tops were invented.Wearing such uggs should be with linen or cotton dresses or sundresses, as well as tiered, trimmed with lace and ruffles, skirts in the style of "boho".

In this article we tried to tell you in great detail what to wear uggs with. Photos that you can easily find on the Internet or on the pages of fashion publications, will bring final clarity to this relevant question for many fashionistas. Buying in the store new uggs, remember our advice, mentally imagine your wardrobe, think about what you will wear them with and make the right choice.