What to wear with the park?

Many people know that the park is a warm, cozy voluminous jacket with a hood. Here the hood is trimmed with fur and is a must-have detail. In addition, it has many pockets, both internal and external. In this article we will look at how and with what to wear the park best.

What are the styles of parks

  • Classic - cozy and simple cut, beige, gray and khaki.
  • Sports style - there are no restrictions on color. Normal length to mid-thigh and just above the knee.
  • Glamorous - the parks of this style are sewn from shiny materials and decorated with bright buttons, unusual collars. Flounces, frill, drapery look original on wide collars and pockets.
  • Luxury style - the most fashionable. The jackets are made of natural fur and decorated with rhinestones, appliqués, multi-colored belts.

What to wear with the park

Consider what is best to wear with this jacket to make it look good.

  • Dress or skirt. Under the long skirt fits the classic parka. With other models, you can wear short skirts, even mini.It is advised to wear a dress with a park on which there are practically no pockets, buttons and a zipper.
  • Bag - perfectly complements your image. If you like to stand out from the crowd, then buy a bright stylish bag. It is possible to supplement such an ensemble with a beautiful headdress.
  • Now you know about what is a women's park, what to wear this thing with and what it is more suitable for.
  • For those who love the style of casual, the park is best worn with jeans or trousers. A sports jacket with pockets, ties, buttons is great for jeans, and a classic one goes well with pants.

What shoes to wear with the park

There is a large selection of shoes. These can be sneakers, ugg boots, boots, high fur boots, boots. But some shoes are more popular. So, what shoes to wear with the park:

  • Boots for the classic style - the best option would be boots - boots or boots with a wide heel. Go to the sports park to buy boots without heels.
  • Jacket with sneakers - undeniably sporty style. The park would be a great match with military-style trousers or jeans.

Park for men

Recently, parks are gaining their popularity.Let's see, with what and where this practical thing is put on by men.

  • With a classic jacket. The park is a universal thing, so you can wear with it not only an ordinary sweater, but also a business suit, shirt, jacket and tie.
  • In grunge style. Here, simplicity and harmony are intertwined with the image of the hero. The usual things are suitable for this style: jeans, a white shirt and “battered” shoes and an original hat.
  • For a sporty style fit things of mixed type. These are trousers with patch pockets, a bag or a backpack.
  • In a comfortable casual-style. A leather jacket with a dark green military color will be a great alternative to the park. Add to her sports pants or dark jeans, a plaid shirt and a worn jacket. Boots or sports shoes, a stylish scarf, complete this look.

In addition to winter models, produce and summer. In the summer version there is no hood. Now you know with what to wear a jacket park, both women and men. This will allow you to select different kits, depending on your mood and taste. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in it and warm. This is what this comfortable jacket can provide. We wish you good luck!