What was Gogol?

February 3, 2015
What was Gogol?

The name of the classic Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol is known to all. Consider how Gogol was and what was unusual in this man.

Gogol's parents were petty nobles, and it is believed that the creative vein in Gogol was from his father, who possessed quite good literary abilities, an amazing teller’s gift and an excellent sense of humor.

Nikolai Vasilievich, according to the memoirs of his contemporaries, was a man of oddities: he had his own quirks, as if he had not completely come out of his childhood, as well as his particular mysticism. However, from the lessons of literature, for sure, many people remember the biography of the writer, but not everybody knows some individual facts.

Facts about Gogol

  • In the early years it was often possible to see him joking and cheerful, loving a dense and tasty meal. Sometimes in conversations he talked about traditional Little Russian dishes and listed them. Later, on the contrary, he did not like gatherings and often retreated to himself during the festivities.
  • Gogol’s handwriting was beautiful and legible. Classic loved to write on white sheets of large format.These were almost all of his finished manuscripts.
  • The writer preferred monotonous clothes - black trousers and frock coat. He liked to wear a hat on his head. One of the summer hats was gray and large fields.
  • In the family circle, Gogol did not talk about his works and did not allow hints about them.
  • The classic loved to spend time in the old grandfather's garden, which was broken in Ukrainian taste. Gogol walked among the branchy and tall trees. During his last stay in his native estate, he planted about ten young trees.
  • But on the street, according to some sources, Nikolai Vasilyevich always walked along the left side, why met with passers-by (perhaps it was a challenge to an orderly and reasonable world?).
  • Living in his estate, Gogol not only worked on his works, but also drew patterns for home-made carpets, as well as needlework.
  • In recent years, a gloomy mood appeared in Gogol, appearing without a substantial reason.

Gogol was haunted by a mystic, his biography is full of mysteries and unusual facts (which is the secret of his death!). They provide an opportunity to look at the work of a famous writer in a different way.