What week do cesarean?

Alexandra Bychkova
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Many pregnant women who are prescribed a caesarean section are worried about what week they are doing caesarean. It is believed that the minimum period of readiness of the fetus for "release" by the operation is 38 weeks. Most doctors prefer to put a planned cesarean section for 39-40 weeks to eliminate the possibility of an error. There are also examples when a cesarean section was performed after 40 weeks of gestation, as the child was not born naturally, and there were no contractions at all.

The main indications for cesarean section include:

  • transverse or pelvic location of the fetus in the uterus;
  • closure of the placenta exit from the uterus;
  • various genital tract infections;
  • bad scar from previous cesarean section;
  • too narrow pelvis of the mother and too large a child;
  • chronic diseases in the mother (myopia, cardiovascular diseases, uterine fibroids, epilepsy, hepatitis, joint pathology);
  • pronounced preeclampsia with increased pressure.

When a planned cesarean is done, this is one thing, but an emergency cesarean section is completely different. It is usually done right in the delivery room if:

  • placental abruption occurred;
  • rupture of the uterus;
  • the onset of retinal detachment in the mother;
  • umbilical cord prolapse;
  • fetal hypoxia;
  • the cervix does not open normally.

Thus, in this article we examined what a cesarean section is, how much this surgery is done and what are the indications for it.