What will be in fashion in the winter of 2016? (19 photo)

They say that sleighs need to be prepared in the summer, and this is partly correct. And that is why it is worth knowing in advance what will be in fashion in the winter of 2016.

Fashionable colors and prints

The most current colors:

  • Fuchsia. This bright and at the same time romantic shade will allow you to stay in a good mood even in the cold season.
  • Cranberry is a sensual, but not vulgar color, which is suitable for everyone without exception, regardless of the age and characteristics of the figure.
  • Emerald - a noble, elegant and truly chic shade that will suit real queens and connoisseurs of high fashion and style.
  • The shade of an orchid is so bright, but at the same time mysterious and romantic. Next winter it will be at the peak of its popularity, and in any form.
  • Mustard or honey. It will not suit everyone, but it will present a real warmth and a great mood.
  • The trend is deep and noble blue and all its shades. Each can find a suitable tone.
  • Burgundy or wine - feminine and so warm! Be sure to purchase a thing of this color.
  • Winter will please with soft pastel shades, such as caramel, sand and milk.
  • If you prefer restraint, pay attention to gray, chocolate and classic black.

As for prints, animalistic, geometric and ethnic patterns, as well as a cage will be especially relevant. In addition, the trend is multi-patterned, that is, a combination of several prints, even if different. And it will not look ridiculous or motley.

Fashion trends

The most current trends:

  • Multi-layered. For example, in cold winter it will be quite possible to combine tight trousers with a thin blouse, voluminous jumper, loose-fitting coat and a scarf. But only slender girls can afford such luxury.
  • The complexity of the kits. In one tandem may include at least three things, and not necessarily combined in a classic and familiar way. Contrasts and bold ideas are welcome.
  • Comfort and convenience should come first! So take care to keep you warm.
  • Quilted items and elements.


In the winter of 2016, warm, soft and comfortable materials such as all types of wool will be fashionable (for example,delicate cashmere or coarser mohair), voluminous knitwear, suede, tweed, fleece, cotton, furs (both natural and artificial), corduroy, and leather.

If you want something feminine, light and sexy, then pay attention to velor, satin, silk, guipure or velvet. Moreover, any material should not be trite and boring, so welcome a variety of creative and volumetric textures, contrasting inserts, the combination of seemingly incongruous. The image in any case should be bright!

Styles and silhouettes

What is fashionable and stylish will look next winter?

  • Strict silhouettes and clear lines give the image a special charm.
  • Free cut. Contrary to popular belief, it can be elegant and bright.
  • Pay attention to the models with high waist, they will be relevant as ever.
  • In the trend will be baggy things. They are not too sexy, but will look particularly stylish.
  • Attention should be paid to male models. But remember that they are chosen only by strong, self-sufficient and self-confident women.
  • Stylized and sexy silhouettes will also be relevant, but the image will be truly stylish if you combine such models with baggy, voluminous and free.
  • In the fashion will be fluffy sleeves.

As for the length, it is better to forget about the mini, in winter it is completely impractical. But the maxi and midi models will not only give comfort and warmth, but also make the image feminine and elegant.

Stylistic directions

If you have not yet decided on the style, then pay attention to one of the following:

  • Hipsters. These are interesting fabrics, polka dots, a cage and animal prints, fitted silhouettes, turtlenecks, flared trousers, “sun” style skirts, thick panty hoses and the most daring combinations.
  • Hippies are simple fabrics and models, complemented by cute accessories.
  • Victorian style: elegant and feminine silhouettes, ruffles, ruffles and lace, long skirts and dresses.
  • Sports style suitable active nature.

What you need to buy?

What to wear in the winter of 2016?


From clothes by all means buy:

  • Flared trousers with a high waist from knee or hip.
  • Bulk knit or wool patterned or coarse cardigan. It will be comfortable and warm.
  • Blouse from dense fabric. In it, you can go to work.
  • Pencil skirt from dense material. Office or elegant casual option.
  • For special occasions, get a bright evening dress knee-length or floor-length with unusual elements, such as ribbons, inserts of contrasting materials, fringe, wide belt, a slit in front on the hem or a deep cut on the back.
  • For parties, you can buy a short dress with a flared hem made of thick fabric.
  • Bulky dress sweater.
  • Dense monophonic panty hoses, preferably classical and restrained tones, for example, brown, gray or black.
  • Culottes, similar to the skirt-pants.


You can purchase:

  • A warm poncho made of wool, for example, with a fringing edging.
  • Fur coat It is advisable to choose a pattern of straight or flared cut and bright shade.
  • Fur vests are still relevant.
  • Warm straight or fitted tweed coat in a cage or with a geometric print.
  • Coat with animal pattern.
  • For walks with children or a dog, a down jacket with a fur edge is suitable.


From shoes you can buy boots with rounded or slightly pointed toes on stable heels with rather high tops. Also relevant boots, stockings or comfortable boots on a flat sole, reminiscent of ugg boots.The most relevant material will be suede. But nevertheless skin is more habitual and practical.


The most fashionable accessories of winter 2016:

  • Wide belts and belts. They go to absolutely everyone and emphasize femininity favorably, and also make the waist slim and beautiful.
  • Volumetric bags. You can put anything in them, for example, a warm thing in case of a cold snap, cosmetics and even lunch. It is comfortable, bright and stylish.
  • At the time of publication it is necessary to definitely have a clutch bag.
  • If you prefer a business style, get a strict bag of simple shapes, concise design and with a minimum of details.
  • If you can not decide on a hat, then pay attention to the romantic and feminine berets and hats, stylish caps and stockings, as well as bold volumetric hats, reminiscent of turbans, helmets and budenovki.
  • If you can not afford a fur coat or fur vest, then get a fur boa.
  • Be sure to get a voluminous warm scarf.

Let the winter be stylish, bright, fashionable and comfortable!

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