What are women looking at?

Yuri Belousikov
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What are women looking at?

It is no secret that female and male psychology differ in many ways. And, therefore, women and men evaluate each other differently. What do men look at first? On the face, on the figure, and then evaluate the other qualities of a woman. As a rule, just like that. And what are women looking for? And women evaluate men a little differently.

Female look

The face, the figure - women appreciate it too, but, unlike men, not in the first place. For most women, other men's virtues are much more important. So what are women looking for? A woman, first of all, assesses the appearance of a man, the way he is dressed, whether he looks neat. No less important are manners and mental abilities of men. But the first impression is still formed in appearance. Of course, this is not a sentence and the opinion can then change, even significantly, but still it�s worthwhile to look decent on the first date, so that, as they say, �the mosquito doesn�t undermined the nose�. If you have a loose shirt, wrinkled trousers, unpeeled shoes - a woman will immediately notice this, believe the experience of a significant part of the male population.And the impression after that about you she will not have the best, and it will take a long time to change it. Just so, women and girls attach great importance to the first impression, simply proceeding from the peculiarities of psychology. Therefore, if you like to joke, the best solution would be to keep silent instead of an inappropriate joke. Silence in this case may well be regarded as solidity or laconicism (which is also not bad). But inappropriate humor will affect your reputation not in the best way, since it is not at all the fact that a girl or woman will have a sense of humor similar to yours.

The intimate side of the issue

It is believed that for women it is very important to assess the specific male dignity - they say, when meeting a woman, very often a woman looks at a member. Do not amuse yourself with illusions. Of course, the genital organ is an important detail, but believe me, no more important than others. And if a woman needs from a man not only sex (and this happens most often), then the size of the penis is a minor detail. And for that matter, it is much more important not the size, but the ability to use what is. Interestingly, both men and women first of all assess how attractive an object of the opposite sex is to them. However, the concept of "attractiveness" in this case embraces completely different meanings.For a man, this is, above all, sexual attractiveness, for a woman - social. She will think: is it not a shame to me to show such a man to my girlfriends and parents, is it possible to go out with him somewhere or is it not boring at home? That is the main thing, how much a man is presentable and smart, and that is why, if we evaluate the first impression and the first hours of dating, the appearance and mental qualities of a man are more important for a majority of women than a pretty face and great �dignity�. Draw conclusions.