What you need for happiness

The ability to enjoy life is not given to everyone. And happiness can rarely be a permanent state. But with the help of work on yourself you can achieve a high degree of satisfaction with life. In various articles on psychological topics, much was said about the ability to appreciate what you have. In practice, such a cheerfulness by an effort of will is difficult to achieve.
If you briefly answer the question of what is needed for happiness, you can say: contentment with yourself. This is the main condition of joyful existence. It does not matter how successful a person is in others' eyes, what he has, in what circumstances he lives. If your personality oppresses the constant dissatisfaction with yourself, you feel that you are doing something wrong or not fully realize your potential, it will be difficult to achieve happiness.
Now the following questions arise: how to ensure that there is agreement with oneself, to be satisfied with your actions? It is important for a person to simply do everything that is possible in specific circumstances. And when a problem arises, it is enough to take action. Let there be no final solution yet, some degree of satisfaction will appear.Of course, a lot also depends on the level of self-criticism. It is important to realize one’s own capabilities objectively, to understand and recognize oneself, in order not to demand too much. Then there will be no big disappointments in yourself that can make a person unhappy.
Setting and achieving goals will help to achieve happiness through satisfaction and self-pride. Try to set yourself a task and move to its execution. You will notice that you respect yourself more and more, that your self-esteem is growing. When the goal is achieved, you feel inner strength, satisfaction, and self-satisfaction. This condition is very similar to the feeling of happiness.