What you need to know about balloon flights?

What you need to know about balloon flights?Flying on a balloon always becomes a significant event. A ball that you can climb under the clouds is a real miracle. A huge, beautiful design immediately uplifting. A little later, when the burners are turned on and the ball begins to rise, each person in the basket starts to take in the breath of incredible beauties opening from a bird's eye view. This height does not cause fear, as the balloon gently and gently gains altitude and also sits on the ground after the journey is completed.

Traveling on balloons can be ordered at http://www.aeronavt.ru/, where each person can become an aeronaut. Flights can be carried out even with children, as they do not cause fear and are considered absolutely safe. All elements of the system before the flight are scrupulously tested and trained. Pilots working in the club are recognized certified and certified professionals.With such a team is not afraid to fly around the world, not to mention an hour walk.

Why do flights give moments of happiness?

Firstly, a balloon trip does not require any special preparation. The customer must follow the pilot's instructions, remain calm and simply tune into contemplation of magnificent beauties. The best view opens at an altitude of 300 to 800 meters. In summer, you can travel in the early morning or in the evening, in the off-season and in the winter - throughout the daylight hours if weather conditions allow.

If you invite your soul mate on a journey, this moment will be the brightest episode of dating, because a balloon is the most romantic means of transportation.

How much is the flight

The cost of the certificate for the flight includes a transfer service. Guests are delivered from the parking lot to the starting point and disembark immediately after the trip. The escort team takes aeronautics from the landing site. The distance from the start of the tour to the landing site can be tens of kilometers.

Service cost

The price of the flight depends on which program the customer needs:

• The most romantic tour for a couple available at a price of 16,000 p.

• At a cost of 17,000 p. flight programs with notes of extreme sports are presented.

• Travel for 17000 rubles. with a discount will allow you to fly into the sky on a ball of non-standard form.

• Cost of the tour, equal to 23,000 p. allow you to enjoy a picnic under the clouds.

• The price of an exclusive flight varies from individual factors and reaches 65 tons.

Is it necessary to prepare for the trip?

Approximately one day before the proposed journey between the parties, the final details of the tour are agreed upon. Given the fact that the balloon will take off into the air and land in simple field conditions, clothes and shoes should be comfortable. On open areas of the body is to apply an additional means to protect the skin from the sun.

Club address Aeronaut: Moscow, Dmitrovskoye sh. 167, p.