When sexy at 51! Elizabeth Hurley in a bikini

Age is only a figure in the passport, and there it can be imperceptibly corrected. Especially if, like Elizabeth Hurley, at 50 you look 30 (well, 40!) With a tail! Each new bikini picture that the actress puts on Instagram proves: age doesn't have power over her. Liz has such a body that she can advertise even swimsuits (which she does - she promotes her beach line herself). And if you can still find fault with the pictures and suspect filters or photoshop, then the movie that Elizabeth laid out the day before is difficult to criticize - you can see a fit figure and seductive forms on it!

Publication by Elizabeth Hurley (@ elizabethhurley1)Apr 6 2017 at 3:40 PDT

Publication by Elizabeth Hurley (@ elizabethhurley1)Apr 4 2017 at 11:00 PDT

What is the secret of the beauty of the actress? Elizabeth herself continues to argue that the main thing is to feel happy every day. But judging by what we see, behind this lies at least daily exercise and a strict diet.