When to pick mushrooms?

November 8, 2012
When to pick mushrooms?

Fresh, gathered in a clean forest and cooked for dinner, delicious mushrooms - a pleasant and useful alternative to the already fed up mashed chicken and pasta with sausages. How to cook mushrooms is tasty, you can find out in the articles on our website, and today we will talk about when to pick mushrooms.

Mushroom picking season lasts from early spring and lasts until the end of autumn. To find more mushrooms of a particular species, you need to know when you can pick these or other mushrooms. Consider everything in order.

Mushroom picking: what, where and when?

  1. April and May are the times of the appearance of morels. It is best to search for them in deciduous forests and on fertile soils. If in deciduous forests you can find morels with a bell shaped cap, then coniferous forests are rich in conical morels with an elongated cap. Morels are found in mixed forests, the caps of these mushrooms are gray or brown. Many consider these mushrooms to be poisonous, but when boiling mushrooms from the poison leaves (the liquid must be completely drained), and it also happens when drying mushrooms.
  2. At the end of May there are raincoats.They are easy to find near the roads, in gardens, in glades and pastures. Best to take young mushrooms. Oyster mushroom (can be found on dead tree trunks, on stumps, in brushwood and fallen trees) and meadow meadows appear in parallel with raincoats.
  3. At the beginning of summer, border crops appear (in birch groves) and boletus (in pine forests). By this time, there are also quite a lot of russules and mokhovikov.
  4. Many consider the most important mushroom white mushroom. When to pick white mushrooms? At the end of June, you can already go looking for them in pine and oak forests and in spruce forests. In the same period, it is time to gather chanterelles and aspen birds near aspen and birch trees. They prefer to grow in shady forests. You can search for champignons in the glades, and svinushki in the forests.
  5. July is the month of the appearance of new grudies. You can find this mushroom in almost any forest.
  6. August is the time to collect milk black, yellow and aspen, as well as pink and white waves. Bright mushrooms can be found in spruce forests, in any forests - russula.

August is the time of the most massive gathering of mushrooms. All the mushrooms have already appeared, and therefore there are many of them in the forests. The closer to the fall, the smaller the number of mushrooms becomes. So, September will be pleased with late russules, lacterans, autumn agarics, and marsh birch. October allows you to find autumn oyster mushroom and pine white fungus.After the first frost it's time to stop the mushroom season.