Where is Dzerzhinsky?

March 29, 2015
Where is Dzerzhinsky?

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Dzerzhinsky is a small town that belongs to the Moscow region. In this article we will tell where Dzerzhinsky is and talk about this city in more detail.

The geographical position of the city of Dzerzhinsky

Dzerzhinsky is located in the south-east of Moscow. This is a small town with a population of just over 50 thousand people.

Dzerzhinsky is a satellite city, separated from Moscow by the Moscow Ring Road. Nearby is the city of Lyubertsy.

The city is inhabited by representatives of various nations, including Russians, Armenians, Jews, Germans, Georgians, Poles and many others.

The history of the city began in 1380. It was founded by Dmitry Donskoy as a sign of victory on the Kulikovo Field. Until 1956, the village did not develop much. However, later began the construction of one of the largest thermal power plants. Due to this, many workplaces appeared in the city and they began to come here from various parts of our country. Dzerzhinsky is one of the most comfortable cities in Russia. Many times he was recognized as one of the best cities to live in the suburbs.

There are over 70 institutions, enterprises and organizations in the city, a car recycling plant was recently opened here. Also in the city there is an art school, music school and 6 secondary schools. Higher education institutions are not available.

An important feature of the city’s transport links is pleasure boats. Among public transport, they are the main form. With their help, you can get not only to sightseeing points, but also to the business district of the city.