Where does santa live? The most truthful answer

The New Year is approaching, which means that all the children will be waiting for Santa Claus or Santa Claus. And for sure there will be curious people who will be interested in where these fairy-tale heroes live. And what is the answer to the baby?

Santa Claus: who is and where he lives?

Santa Claus is a North American folkloric character, a kind of Christmas grandfather who gives presents to all the children for Christmas. The prototype of this hero is Christian Saint Nicholas of Myra, in honor of which the gray-haired grandfather was named ("Santa" - saint, "Klaus" - Nicholas). He was known for his charity and gave gifts to children from poor families.

It's a secret

Initially, in European countries, gifts on behalf of St. Nicholas were given on December 6, but then the Reformation period began, and the baby Christ began to present gifts. But then St. Nicholas was recalled again, but the day of delivery of gifts was timed to Christmas and postponed to December 24.

And in America, the image came in the XVII century thanks to the Dutch colonists.And so, ever since the gray-haired old man in a red suit and hat with white fur edges every Christmas night flies all the houses on a sleigh pulled by reindeer sleeves, and puts in socks, carefully prepared by children, gifts.

Believe in a fairy tale

Where does Santa Claus live? Many have heard that he lives in Lapland. But does this country really exist? Yes there is. But this is not a country, but a province or, rather, an ethnic territory located beyond the Arctic Circle and a fascinating territory of Finland, Sweden and even Russia.

This province and, accordingly, the village of Santa Claus is located not far (about 8 kilometers) from the small town of Rovaniemi. There is an international airport in this city, so it’s quite possible to get here.

It is believed that Santa Claus was born on the mountain Korvatunturi, which in its outlines resembles the ears of a hare (therefore its name literally translates as “mountain-ear” or “ear mountain”). There, Santa lives the whole year with his family and faithful helpers to the dwarves.

But every year on Christmas Eve, he descends from the mountain to his office (it is located in the vicinity of Rovaniemi), where he takes orders for gifts and watches them being made.Initially there was only a small house, but then it was rebuilt and in 1985 officially opened an office.


It is here that tourists come from all over the world to see the real miracle. Now near the office you can see the post office, various workshops, a puppet theater and even a shopping center.

Not far from the office of Santa Claus there is a whole amusement park - Santa Park. It is located in the cave Syuvysenvaara and was opened in 1998. This place works year-round, so that anyone who wants can at any time plunge into the Christmas atmosphere, as well as take a ride on the rides, which include fabulous sleighs and a Santa Claus helicopter.

And in a multi-video center you can see the very gray-haired old man, rushing on his sleigh on the starry sky. In general, having been here, in the existence of Santa Claus anyone will believe.

Santa Claus: who is and where does he live?

In the fairy tale, Santa Claus is a gray-haired and gray-bearded old man in felt boots, a sheepskin coat and a hat who has a magic staff and can perform winter wonders (for example, “conjure up” snow, freeze something). Today, this character is the most important in the celebration of the New Year.

In fact, he is the East Slavic version of the Christmas donor (there are such donors in the culture of almost every country). Grandfather Frost is always accompanied by his granddaughter Snow Maiden, and an old man moves on three horses.

Santa Claus

Generally, Santa Claus began to personify with the celebration of the New Year in the Soviet era, when the Christmas tree became a Christmas attribute. But the image itself appeared earlier. So, the Eastern Slavs began to personify and personify such natural elements as frost for a long time. But initially the character was presented as an old man of small stature who ran through the woods and fields, and with a thud he caused winter bitter cold.

Then Santa Claus began to appear in fairy tales, but he did not give gifts to anyone, although he could thank and praise for good work. In the second half of the XIX century, attempts were made to create a character who would give presents to everyone at Christmas. But this hero, firstly, was persecuted by the authorities, and secondly, was not recognized by the Orthodox Church. And only in the last century, Santa Claus was finally accepted. Since then, he gives gifts to children for the New Year.

What to say to the child if he asks about the residence of Santa Claus? Today it is known to many and is not hiding from anyone.In general, the traditional homeland of the gray-haired old man is Veliky Ustyug, a city located in the northeast of the Vologda region. But there are other places in which Santa Claus also appears.

Arkhangelsk was the first birthplace of this fantastic character. But later (in 1995), the leadership of the Lapland nature reserve, located on the Kola Peninsula, launched the project “Fairy Lapland - the possession of Santa Claus”, according to which the character lived in the Chunozersky manor.

Fairytale house

But then Great Ustyug was proclaimed the motherland. And December 25, 1999 was officially and solemnly opened the House of Santa Claus, in which he lives to this day. Today, the residence of this hero is in Moscow and Murmansk. The situation with several Santa Clauses can be clarified as follows: Santa Claus is a wizard, so he can move quickly and even be in several places at the same time.

In Veliky Ustyug there is a huge tower or even the palace of Santa Claus, in which there is a bedroom, a dressing room, a private office, workshops. In the center of the palace is the throne. If you sit on it and make a wish, it will surely come true.

By the way, the Belarusian Santa Claus also has its official residence.It was opened on December 25, 2003 and is located in the Bialowieza Forest. And in Ukraine there is no hero's home yet, but soon, probably, he will appear.

How to write a letter?

Both Santa Claus and Santa Claus can write a letter.

The official mailing address of Santa Claus:

162340, Russia, Vologda region, the city of Veliky Ustyug, the house of Santa Claus.

Santa Claus mailing address:

Santa Claus Main Post Office, FI-96930 Arctic Circle, Lapland, Finland.

Now you know what to answer the child, and do not hit the face in the dirt.

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