Where to buy a used phone?

Alena Tikhonova
Alena Tikhonova
December 28, 2012
Where to buy a used phone?

It seems that new phone models are coming out every day. Of course, I always want to be in trend. And unpleasant situations happen with phones: dropped into water, strongly hit a hard surface, stolen, or just broke. New phones are expensive, but nobody insured them from non-standard situations either. So can it be better to buy a supported phone? Let's take a closer look at where to buy a used phone so that it is inexpensive and without risk.

A used phone can be purchased in different ways:

  • The Internet offers a choice of many useful sites, where you can buy the coveted mobile device. Here are just a few of them:
    • . Once on the first page of the site, you must select the desired city (there are six of them in the list) or a region. Next, in the “Ads” tab, you need to enter “phone” or just the name of the model of the phone you are looking for. In the drop-down list, you can select "Phone view". The result of your actions will be a list of phones on sale. The list can be sorted by price and date.Selecting something from the list, you will go to the page of this product, where there is a detailed description of it and the phone number of the owner.
    • . On the main page you should also select a city, region. In the center, at the top there is a search line "Find".
    • A similar procedure to. Slando - free classified ads.
  • You can simply enter in the search engine "used mobile phone selling." Then there will be information about the phones on sale. Do not forget to specify in which city you are looking for the device.
  • Many used phones are sold with documents, charger, and some do right with boxes. It is recommended to buy such kits to minimize the risks. In addition, the phone with the documents will be easier to repair, if that.
  • Now in any city there are many points of sales of supported mobile phones. Basically, at each such point of sale, besides the phone itself, you can also get a one-month warranty. The advantage of buying a used phone at points of sale also lies in the fact that it is possible to see the entire range live.
  • If the previous options did not give tangible results, and again you are thinking where to buy a used phone,- ask around acquaintances, friends, relatives. Often someone from the closest environment wants to get rid of their phone, but does not know how.