Where to get Apple id?

Angelina Ivanova
Angelina Ivanova
August 22, 2011
Where to get Apple id?

Apple device users personalize their resources with an Apple ID. Today we will tell about it in more detail, as well as help you quickly find a place to get an Apple id.

What is Apple id

In fact, Apple id is your username and password, like a passport to access Apple resources:

  • iTunes Store
  • Apple Store
  • iChat
  • apple.com/support (support service)
  • iBookstore
  • Mobileme
  • Concierge

That is, people use Apple id to work with various Apple services. You can shop at iTune Store, at the Apple online store, use Apple id when logging in to iChat and MobileMe, and more! Now about where to get the Apple id.

Create your Apple ID

If you need an Apple id, you will need to create it as follows:

  1. Please go to the My Apple id page.
  2. There they explain to you once again what Apple id is being used for; you are browsing Apple resources. And to the right of the big blue button you can see the inscription "creating an identifier Apple id". Click on this button.
  3. Apple strongly recommends that the user use the email address as the Apple id.Therefore, in the first column of the registration form, you must enter your email address, then fill out the entire form and click on the blue "Create Apple id" button below.
  4. Then you will receive an email with a notification about the successful registration and an additional explanation.