Which boat is better?

When fishing or hiking, an inflatable boat can be simply an irreplaceable thing. Its wide scope of application is due to its unique and unique qualities. Inflatable boats are light and multifunctional. So, it is impossible to put a rigid boat in one bag or just throw in the trunk of a car. As for stereotypical fears about possible punctures, they very quickly disappear when a person learns that any rubber boat consists not of one, but of several compartments that are able to keep the boat afloat in any situation. And so, gaining popularity, the inflatable boat rather seriously puzzled fishermen and tourists. Now one of the most pressing questions for them is: �Which inflatable boat is better?�. Well, let's try to figure out how to choose an inflatable boat, what nuances and details you should pay special attention to when buying it.

Choosing an inflatable boat

Of course, it is quite difficult to name the main criteria for choosing an inflatable boat, since everyone sees the ideal option in different ways.And yet, answering the question about which boat is better, most potential owners have a common opinion: an inflatable boat must be transportable, compact, practical, easy to maintain and convenient. Consider what else, besides the above qualities, you should pay attention.

the cloth

Undoubtedly, this is one of the key points of choosing an inflatable boat. For its manufacture used such basic materials as PVC and rubberized fabric. These materials are quite different in their performance and properties. In turn, this has a huge impact on consumer properties of inflatable boats made from these materials. As for the rubberized fabric, its characteristics are much inferior to other types of materials. That is why inflatable boats made of rubberized fabric, have the lowest cost. In turn, a material such as PVC can be unreinforced and reinforced. So which PVC boat is better? Experts recommend choosing an inflatable boat made of reinforced PVC, because it has the greatest strength.It should be noted that recently such materials as neoprene, polyurethane and hipalon have become very popular. Their characteristics are much better than the above materials, however, the cost of an inflatable boat made of these materials will be significantly higher.


Deciding which boat is better to buy, you need to pay attention to its manufacturer. Obviously, this indicator also has a great influence on the choice of the boat. So, among the domestic manufacturers, such companies as �Leader�, LLC �TD Fregat�, LLC �PFK Mnev and K� and �Solar� have well recommended themselves. As for foreign manufacturers, the most popular inflatable boats are brands Suzuki Motor Co, Quicksilver and Zodiak. All these companies have long won a name for themselves in the market of inflatable boats and earned the trust.


In addition, when deciding which rubber boat is better, one should take into account the purpose for which it will be used and the waters, as well as the number of people that will be calculated. Before you make a purchase, be sure to consider these options. If you need a boat for a single sport fishing, then it makes no sense to acquire a huge "trough" that will be difficult to manage, and which will be safe.And, of course, buying an inflatable boat should be in the fall. It is at this time of the year that the sales start at the stores and you can meet the boat of your dreams at a very attractive price.