Which is better: iPhone or Galaxy?

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Which is better: iPhone or Galaxy?

High technology in our time has become more than common. All those who keep up with scientific and technological progress have already acquired smartphones with a wide variety of possibilities.

The two most competing manufacturers in the smartphone market, titanium in this business - Samsung and Apple. Each new model released automatically becomes a participant in the race for the title of the best manufacturer and nationwide recognition.

Let's take a closer look at the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Apple iPhone S5 smartphones and try to figure out how they differ from each other and what they have in common. On the basis of the analysis we will try to determine which smartphone will be better.

So, which is better: iPhone or Galaxy?

Design, materials and build quality

The size and weight of the phones are significantly different - the Samsung brand phone is larger, the screen size is 5.1 inches, while the iPhone 5S has 4 inches.

The designs of the phones themselves are also different - everyone chooses to his own taste. As for the materials from which the phone case is made, then it is worth noting immediatelythat Apple uses high quality materials. So, the iPhone 5S case is made of metal, and the screen is made of tempered glass. Also, the manufacturer assures that the phone, being under warranty, can be replaced with a new one due to some defects or faults (you can learn about this directly from the distributor of smartphones in Russia when buying).

Samsung Galaxy S5 is made of less quality materials: the case is made of plastic, which is disguised as metal, and the back cover of the phone is made of plastic, disguised as leather. On the other hand, this smartphone is equipped with IP67 protection, which means that the phone is protected from dust and moisture (during short-term immersion).


The iPhone 5S is equipped with a Apple A7 64-bit processor, while the Samsung Galaxy S5 has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 MSM8974AC quad-core 32-bit processor.

The result is that the performance of the Samsung Galaxy S5 processor is significantly higher (4 cores at 2457 MHz) than the iPhone 5S (2 cores at 1300 MHz).

RAM Samsung Galaxy S5 is 2 GB, Apple iPhone 5S - 1 GB. Internal memory can range from 16 to 64 GB for Apple and 16-32 GB for Samsung.

Both devices can play Full-HD. Devices work on different operating systems - iOS (for iPhone) and Android (for Samsung).

iOS now also supports Adobe Flash, which is a huge plus when using social networks where it is needed. It is also noteworthy that iOS recognizes fingerprints when unlocking. The disadvantages of this OS are poor adaptation to the Russian language, the impossibility of connecting memory cards, and the availability of only a standard browser.

In the device based on the Android OS, Russian-language speech is translated into the text without any problems. You can connect a memory card, if the device’s own memory runs out, choose a browser that you like. Maps have a more detailed view, down to the houses on small streets.

Summing up, we can say that iOS on the iPhone is a well-optimized system, but it is more limited in capabilities than Android. Android OS on Samsung from time to time fails, but its capabilities will please any owner.


As for the battery, Samsung wins again, as it is removable and much more powerful. Thus, the battery of such a smartphone with a capacity of 2800 mAh will work almost twice longer than the non-removable battery (monoblock) iPhone with a capacity of 1560 mAh.


The resolution and pixel density on the screen of a Samsung smartphone is much higherwhich is explained by the size of the diagonal. Nevertheless, even if the iPhone has a smaller screen, it still remains clearer.

The color set is also an important parameter when evaluating a display. A certain feature of the smartphone screens of these models was noticed: the screen of the Apple iPhone slightly “blues”, while on the Samsung Galaxy screen red shades dominate a bit.

Also an important parameter can be called the "readability" of the phone screen in the sun. Here, the Samsung smartphone wins, because it has more brightness. The Apple screen is also readable, but Samsung still has the advantages.

Photo and video shooting

It is important to understand that the quality of the camera is not measured by the number of megapixels. For example, Apple does not equip its phones with cameras with a large number of megapixels - they are at iPhone 5 - 8 Mpx, but the quality of shooting with each new model increases - the sharpness and dynamic range increases.

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S5 is equipped with a 16 Mpx camera. The photos are also good quality, but the viewing angle of this camera is smaller, but the dynamic range is larger. At the same time, the Samsung Galaxy S5 loses the sharpness of the photos (despite the fact that the number of megapixels is twice as large as that of the iPhone).

The interface of both cameras is slightly overloaded with settings. A huge number of them turns phones into semi-professional cameras.

Both phones have the possibility of slow motion video, but in this case, the Samsung Galaxy S5 does not record sound.


It is a well-known fact that fingerprint sensors are installed in the iPhone 5S. Simply put your finger on the sensor, and the sensor will quickly identify the user. This feature is used to lock the screen or some phone applications.

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S5 is also equipped with a fingerprint sensor, it is built into the "Home" button. But here the work of the sensor is a little difficult, because you need to hold your finger in a certain direction and with a certain speed in order for it to work. Place your finger in a certain position as well.

The iPhone has the ability to save up to 5 different prints, while the Samsung has only three. But this is not a disadvantage, but simply an additional fact.

Working hours

According to the manufacturer, Apple iPhone 5S can work in standby mode for about 250 hours, in talk mode - up to 10 hours with 3G running.

As for the Samsung Galaxy S5, the battery life in standby mode is 278 hours and up to 25 hours in talk mode.


These phone models fell into one price category, despite some significant differences in technical characteristics and design.

The cost of such phones in Russia is about 30 thousand rubles. It should not be forgotten that over time, they can be purchased cheaper, as new products are constantly coming out and, therefore, the price may fall by about 30%.

Apple iPhone 6

A new version of the Apple iPhone 6 has been released. The device has significantly increased in size, its screen diagonal is 4.7 inches, but at the same time the resolution remains low - 1334 x 750. The camera remained 8 Mpx, but the focus was faster, others were also added "chips" shooting. Added a new processor - Apple A8, which has a high energy efficiency. But the RAM remained - 1 Gb.

Comparing all the indicators, it can be concluded that the Samsung Galaxy S5 has great advantages than the iPhone 5S (and even the iPhone 6), it is much more powerful than its direct competitor, but loyal fans of the Apple device will always choose Apple from at least - for the brand.