Which mattress is better?

As you know, in his entire life a person devotes about 25 years to sleep. In order for a dream to give you a feeling of comfort, you need to seriously think about how to make your bed comfortable and at the same time beneficial for your body. In this article, we will look at different types of mattresses and try to answer the frequently asked question of which mattress is best to choose for yourself and for a newborn.

Mattress Types

All mattresses can be divided into two groups:

  • Spring;
  • Springless.

Consider the features of these mattresses, let's start with the spring. Such a mattress consists of spring blocks. In cheap mattresses, the springs are very connected with each other, that is, if one spring bends, then the neighboring ones are also deformed. In the more expensive models, the springs are already independent of each other, they are placed in special pockets, and the pockets, in turn, are connected in blocks. Therefore, the entire load that goes to the mattress is evenly distributed. If you do not know which mattress is better to buy, but you have decided that you will take the spring one, you should know that the main thing when choosing this mattress is the number of springs. Of course, the more of them, the better the mattress.

Springless mattress consists of one or more blocks with a special filler. Like spring, springless mattresses can be made of several layers of material. In the more expensive models of these mattresses, a hard layer is often found, which increases the hardness of the mattress.

To know which mattress is best to choose from springless, you need to understand the fillers of such mattresses. Consider the most common fillers in springless mattresses, and give them a comparative description.

Types of mattress fillers

For filling blocks springless mattress is most often used the well-known felt, its natural or artificial types. It is clear that the higher the class of the mattress, the material will be better and more reliable. Take, for example, batting. Yes, it is cheap and environmentally friendly material, but over time it will fall down, form pits and move around the entire mattress. So this material is better to use only as an addition to another.

Also one of the fillers of springless mattresses is coconut fiber. This is a natural material, which is obtained from coconut, it is quite durable.Especially when the coconut fiber is surrounded on all sides with latex, this mattress is practically not deformed, even with a huge load.

Latex is an expensive, but very resilient material, it is very durable. Latex is extracted from the extract of milk juice of plants from the rubber family (rubber). These mattresses are quite expensive, in addition, they are resilient and very elastic, breathable. So if you want to buy yourself a latex mattress, remember that this will be an elite purchase. There is also artificial latex, but you yourself understand that this is not the case. In principle, we have dealt with all types of fillers for springless mattresses.

What is an orthopedic mattress?

There are also orthopedic mattresses. Before deciding which orthopedic mattress is better to buy, you need to understand for yourself the features of such mattresses.

Many people think that an orthopedic mattress can cure scoliosis or osteochondrosis. The most important feature of an orthopedic mattress is that it can provide a person with a direct position of his spine. In order to choose the orthopedic mattress for you, it is best for you to get an orthopedic consultation.

What mattress is suitable for a child?

In order to know which mattress is best for a newborn child to buy, one must first of all start from the dimensions, the filler and, of course, the orthopedic effect. Mattress to fit the size of the crib. As for the filler, choose only natural materials. From the mattress should not emanate any harmful odors.

The orthopedic effect, in principle, is not important for a newborn, because its weight is still small, so choose a medium-hard mattress with independent springs.

We turn to specifics and see which company mattresses are best to buy. Last year, the most popular brands of mattresses were:

  • Evolution;
  • Take & Go;
  • Sleep & Fly.

Accordingly, you can choose and budget options mattresses from these manufacturers.