Which MFP is better?

In the age of modern technology, no one will be surprised by the presence of an MFP (multifunctional device), but let's see what is better to choose, based on the tasks set before you.

The MFP includes a printer, scanner and copier, in some models - fax. MFP can be divided into:

  • inkjet and laser, characterized by a printing mechanism;
  • color, black and white.

Advantages of the MFP

  1. Compactness. This unit, combining several devices, saves not only the space on the desktop, but also saves you from additional wires.
  2. Price. Buying an MFP will cost you much less than buying three or more devices at the same time.
  3. Convenience of service. Maintenance of a single device is cheaper than servicing multiple devices. For example, you only need to have one spare cartridge, instead of two for a copier and a printer.

Of course, there are some downsides: if you break, you can lose all functionality at once.

Requirements for the MFP

  • format of the printed sheet;
  • print resolution - depends on the quality of the print.Better to purchase from 600 dpi (pixel per deuma)
  • print performance - volume and speed;
  • possibility of duplex printing;
  • The price of the MFP includes not only the cost of the device itself, but also the consumable material, so when buying an MFP, you should also pay attention to this.
  • availability of network card or wireless adapter.

Setting exact requirements will allow you to reduce the list of suitable models.

Features of inkjet multifunction devices


  • low price Inkjet MFP can be purchased from 1600 rubles;
  • high-quality printing of color photos;
  • inkjet MFP, as a rule, more compact laser.
  • Some models can be connected to a continuous ink supply system (continuous ink supply system).


  • despite the cheapness of the device itself, consumables are expensive. For example, cartridges can be purchased, on average, from 500 rubles, the resource of a black and white cartridge from 200 pages, and color - from 165 pages;
  • slow printing;
  • With a long device downtime, the cartridge may dry out.

In the office equipment market, inkjet MFPs are represented by a variety of manufacturers, but devices from Canon, Epson, and HP are in the greatest demand.

Features of laser multifunction


  • Laser MFP cartridges are consumed much slower, therefore, they are more economical;
  • high print speed;
  • a variety of non-original consumables, thanks to this machine maintenance will be economical.


  • The cost for laser multifunction devices is significantly higher than for inkjet ones.
  • more difficult to refuel and maintain.

Laser MFPs cost from 4000 rubles, the cost of original cartridges is between 2500-4000 rubles, non-original - 350-500 rubles, refueling 200-300 rubles, cartridge life 1000-1500 copies Among consumers, Xerox is considered the most reliable manufacturer, but also the most expensive. Also popular are Samsung, Brother, HP, Panasonic.

For an office, an MFP inkjet with a CISS is better if your job is related to printing photos. This will greatly reduce the cost of the print and extend the life of the device itself. But if you need the device for printing text documents, it is better to get a black and white laser MFP.

I hope this article will help you when buying an MFP, and you can easily find out which MFP is better for the home and which for the office.