Which skirt to choose?

Do you want to look feminine, beautiful and practical at the same time? Choose a pair of good skirts for your wardrobe: they look great on different figures and, unlike many dresses, are perfectly combined with different top. So you can get a variety of kits for every day for study, work, evening meetings and holidays.

"School" skirt

The "school" skirt has a recognizable checkered pattern or striped print. The length of these skirts is mostly short or medium (in the knee area). This will suit the young, interesting, intelligent and stylish. Pleated skirt or pleated with a bright purple-pink gamut, in black and white shades or with a classic blue / red / yellow check will greatly refresh the youth wardrobe. It is combined with light-fitting sweaters, turtlenecks, blouses of monochromatic neutral shades or in the color of one of the main ones in a skirt.

Mini skirt

Short and light model, which again is more suitable for young and slim. Mini-skirts are different: straight, skintight, loose, monophonic, with different prints and patterns.If you want to look attractive, but not too frankly, choose the “correct” mini length, because each centimeter affects how your image will end up. If the skirt is bright, has an unusual style and color, it is better to complement it with a laconic monophonic top. Do not abuse very high heels - medium heel, thick sole, boots with a platform - choose shoes depending on your image.


A loose volumetric skirt with an elongated mini length. It is sewn from a two-layer fabric, thanks to which the product gets the required volume. It will look good on girls with the shape of a "rectangle", as this is usually not enough volume in the hips. Balloon is perfect for a romantic image - a light skirt in shape resembles a flower bud, and if you choose the appropriate style, color and correctly choose the top, you get an easy and beautiful outfit for a young girl.


The classic model pencil, beautifully fitting hips, fit slender and curvaceous girls. This is a business and at the same time feminine and elegant option. The pencil skirt is suitable for mature women who can boast of long slim legs and mouth-watering hips.Shoes - only heels, pencil skirt does not tolerate another neighborhood and "will play" in the set only with such shoes. For spring-summer outfits as a top, it is better to choose a blouse of a suitable shade, and autumn-winter models can be combined with soft warm sweaters and cardigans, complementing boots with heels. About what to wear a pencil skirt, read more in this full guide.


An elegant flowing sarong will gently encircle the hips and lie in beautiful waves. The soft model is tied at the hips with strings. It has a maxi length, ideal for summer. The advantage of such a skirt is that it will look good on any figure, especially suitable for those who have “floating” weight.


A strict and simple A-silhouette with a gradually expanding hem to the bottom is suitable for those who want to balance the figure (an “inverted triangle” type). The skirt for every day, has a length of mini or medium, combined with shirts, blouses, cardigans, turtlenecks, jackets. For a permanent wardrobe, it is better to choose a neutral model or a skirt with a calm print or pattern - this one will look good with most sets.

"Fish tail"

The elegant fishtail skirt has a different length: shorter in front, more authentic behind, with a smooth transition from one length to another. Gently fits the legs, suitable for festive situations. "Fishtail" is usually sewn for summer from light and bright fabrics. It is best to combine it with the same light and colorful top, the legs can be decorated with sandals, ballet shoes or slippers. Neat makeup, long wavy hair or a beautiful bun will blend in with your image.


Maxi skirts are very popular lately and are at the height of fashion. They are sewn for summer, autumn and winter from different fabrics. Strict and direct, maxi adds an elegant state of its owner. The outfit is complemented by a tight top or jacket, depending on the season. In the fall, you can wear a short jacket or light raincoat, and choose high-heeled boots from shoes.

If you choose things correctly, you can get a beautiful and practical wardrobe in which all the clothes are combined with each other. For example, you will be able to look and pick up a stylish image on the “Most ModnaY” website. Here is a wide range of skirts and other outfits for every taste at affordable prices - look, choose, collect new bright and unique images and wear with pleasure!