Who are the fixes?

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Who are the fixes?

Does your child always sing a song about some kind of incomprehensible fixes? Do not worry, it's all about the popular children's animated series! In our article we will take a closer look at the main plot of the animated series, its main characters, we will learn the names of the actors, voicing the cartoon and, of course, who are the fixes.

Fiksiki is a Russian serial cartoon intended for children of 6-8 years old. The cartoon was created according to the plot of the famous story by Eduard Ouspensky “Warranty Men”. The animated series was born in the studio "Airplane", and his idea belongs to Alexander Tatarsky, this name can be seen in the final credits of the series. Since 2010, the animated series has been broadcast in the program “Good night, kids!” On the Russia-1 and Carousel channels.

Cartoons: and who are fixed?

main characters


Nine year old girl-fixer. Very active and smart. Always ready to help your beloved friends. Always acts swiftly and decisively. Simka is a student of the school of fixes, in her class she is the best student.In addition, Simka is a very funny girl.


A five year old boy, Simka's younger brother. Zero is very good-natured and unconstrained. He often skips lessons, so that he has little knowledge, experience and the almost complete lack of his own opinion. Zero often falls into difficult situations from which he cannot get out on his own.


Papa Simka and Nolik. Papus fixes the highest category, a jack of all trades. He shows his talent in the most difficult situations. Papus is always ready for a heroic deed: he can turn into a cog in order to hold onto his crumbling device. Previously, he had a dream to fly on a rocket into open space, but as luck would have it the rocket flew right on Papus's day off. Since then, he does not like the weekend. Tries to be unnoticed Dim Dimych.


Mama Simka and Nolik, wife Papus. Masya is very cheerful and balanced. She appreciates cleanliness and order, does not avoid routine work. Masya is a high-level fix, especially when it comes to kitchen appliances. Tries to be unnoticed Dim Dimych.


Longevity, very different from others in appearance. Dedus does not wear ordinary overalls and is similar to the ancient fix. He is very pedantic and strict. Dedus is the owner of ancient knowledge and customs.


An eight year old boy. Curious and interested in technology. DimDimych big dreamer. Often enthusiastic, he forgets about caution and then fixers come to his aid.

The series tells the story of the Fiksik family - tiny little men who live inside technical devices and fix their breakdowns. Who are fixes - a big secret! But we will reveal it.