Who are skinheads?

It is the 19th century, and the appearance on the streets of a representative of a youth subculture will not surprise anyone. What is a subculture in general?

Subculture (from the Latin - "subculture") - a piece of any culture that is different from the majority; public carriers of this culture.

Nowadays there are a large number of diverse youth subcultures. The most famous are hippies, rastamans, emo, punks, goths, bikers, skinheads and others. Let's talk about who the skinheads are.

The origin of the skinhead subculture

If we look a little into the history of the emergence of this subculture in Russia, skinheads (or skins, as they are called by the people) appeared here in 1991. Moreover, this movement arose under the influence of Western culture.

In modern society, there is a perception that skinheads are supporters of the Nazi ideology. But it is not so. There are several areas of this subculture:

  • Traditional skinheads (Traditional Skinheads). They are apolitical. Listen to reggae and ska.
  • S.H.A.R.P. (Skinhead Against Racial Prejudices). Against racial prejudice.
  • R.A.S.H. (Red & Anarchist Skinheads).Adhere to the ideas of anarchism, communism, socialism.
  • NS skinheads (Nazi-skinheads) / Bonheads (Boneheads). Adhere to national socialist ideas.
  • Straight edge skinheads (sXe Skinheads). They adhere to a healthy lifestyle, considering that alcohol, cigarettes and drugs are bad.

Unfortunately, in our time in Russia, skinheads are neo-fascist groups. And it is a bit frustrating and frightening at the same time. As has already become clear, the skins have a shaved head, they are mostly jeans, army berets. Often they can see tattoos: Hitler's swastika or a cross in a circle (variant of the Celt).

Initially, skinheads listened to SKA and punk rock; now they listen to rock and music of a patriotic nature, because they consider themselves to be true patriots of their country.

Skinhead ideology

And against whom skinheads are fighting? What is their ideology?

Whom do skinheads beat? This subculture adheres to the ideology of positioning itself as a national liberation movement; the white race is considered to be the highest; they are true racists and xenophobes. Therefore, skinheads against Caucasians, Tajiks, Armenians, Chinese, Gypsies, Jews and Blacks.

If we generalize everything, then skinheads are a group of young people who live according to their own specific laws, have their attributes and symbolism, listen to certain music.

If you want to watch movies about skinheads, then I can offer you some. For example: “American History X”, “Made in Britain”, “Fanatic”, “This is England”, “Skinheads”, “Peria”, “Position of Skinheads” and others.

I would also like to say: do not forget that criminal liability is envisaged for inciting hatred on the basis of the national race. Do not spoil your life and your loved ones! Think before you join the ranks of skinheads.