Who can be trusted in everything

It is necessary to distinguish between the concepts of “trust” and “faith” in the context that, of course, people close to you need to believe. Without this, it is impossible to imagine soul kinship and effective relationships. And trusting, telling your own emotions, actions, life situations costs people, to the extent that you are comfortable. But if something you can not discuss with anyone from your environment, the following categories of people will come to the rescue.

Psychotherapist or counseling psychologist

Discard all prejudices about people whose professional responsibilities include listening to questions that you are not able to entrust to someone else. Ethical standards for the work of psychological support include a clause on non-disclosure of information of any kind received during a conversation with a client. Even during the trial, the psychologist is not entitled to testify against the person who revealed to him during the session.
If it is difficult for you to talk, looking into the interlocutor's eyes, even though this is your personal psychologist, use the telephone of the service of trust.A professional on the other side of the wire is not likely to ask for your name, the maximum will ask how you can be contacted. In this case, you can invent yourself any alias. The help from such a consultation is quite substantial, given that many people need to speak out enough to feel the strength to overcome a difficult life situation.


Priests are usually always ready to listen to the parishioners and help with advice based on the canons of religion. If you are a believer, probably, confession is not new to you. But if before you did not cross the threshold of a religious institution, but you feel a special need to share the aspects of life that concern your soul, try going to a temple or a mosque (depending on which worldview is closer to you).
If you choose this method, try to work on the appearance in accordance with the requirements of a particular religious institution. However, in the event of a situation that does not tolerate delay, the clergy will most likely react loyally to your appearance in any form.

Self talk

There is another person who needs to trust everything and everything. No matter how paradoxical it may sound, sometimes people even hide certain moments of their lives from their own consciousness. And ignoring them, they are unable to get rid of tension, and therefore, to find the best way out. Use any method known to you: write yourself a letter, meditate, ask yourself "uncomfortable" questions. Perhaps it is just such a revelation with you that you don’t have enough to find peace of mind.
A person needs from time to time to trust the most intimate to someone, so if you feel such a need in yourself, do not hesitate to exercise it, thus, you maintain your own psychological health.