Who to believe in?

Religions currently exist in such a large number that it is extremely difficult for a person inexperienced in matters of religion to make a choice. Religious studies classify religions in three main areas: tribal, national and world. This article will discuss who to believe in from the point of view of world religions, namely, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity.

Who believe


In Buddhism, there is no idea of ​​the existence of God as the Creator of all living things and the ruler of his creation. Instead, there is the worship of the Buddha, a person who has gained enlightenment as a result of many years of deep reflection. What is the basis of Buddhist faith? They believe that all earthly things, the sufferings of people and their desires, are nothing but burdens, shackles that must be thrown off in order to achieve true freedom. Following the creeds of Buddhism, a person will achieve this inner freedom only by getting rid of all earthly attachments. So propagated the path to nirvana, a state of complete serenity, peace and the absence of any passion.


The emergence of Islam dates back to VII century n. erThis is the youngest of the world religions. Its founder is Mohammed, who became a prophet at the age of 40. Prior to that, he led a completely ordinary life, had a wife and ran a household. But Muhammad never called himself God, but only his prophet. He claimed to have been sent by Allah for the message of important news. During the life of Muhammad, his speech was transmitted orally, they were considered the words of Allah himself, and later even recorded. This is how the Koran appeared, consisting of the Sunnah - a collection of instructive stories about the life of the prophet, and Shari'ah - a set of principles and rules of conduct, mandatory for every Muslim.

Muslims believe in Allah, consider Mohammed to be his prophet and observe five basic rites:

  1. It is said that there is no God but Allah and that Mohammed is his prophet.
  2. Fasting in the month of Ramadan.
  3. Make a hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca).
  4. Distribute alms to the poor.
  5. Make a daily five-time prayer (prayer).


Christianity is split into several denominations: Catholicism, Orthodoxy, Protestantism. Despite the many differences in these trends, all Christians are united in their faith in God, who sent his Son Jesus Christ to earth to redeem people from their sins.Christians believe that only the shed blood of Jesus can reconcile them with the Most High God.

The holy book in Christianity is the Bible. It contains the words of the Creator, which were recorded by the prophets under the inspiration of the holy spirit. She teaches people how they can come closer to God and receive his approval.

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Question of faith

What is faith? True faith should not be confused with credulity, because it is based on facts, has evidence and can fully substantiate its beliefs. Faith arises as a result of obtaining accurate knowledge of God, which involves the mind. However, if the mind helps to develop faith, then it can be exercised only with the heart.

How to develop faith

If a person lacks faith, but he wants to develop it, then for this he needs to take a few steps.


Ask for it in prayer from God. Such prayers are pleasing to the Creator, because they show that his creation needs it.

Holy Bible

It contains the wisdom superior to human. While reading the Bible, many people found answers to the questions that had troubled them for years, were able to cope with life's difficulties, found the meaning of life and the joy of being.Also, the Bible contains many instructive stories, reading which you can understand what God approves and what does not. If you are attentive and make your heart receptive, you can understand the way of thinking of our Creator. This will help strengthen faith and make relationships with God more intimate.

Thinking about god

The lack of faith is due to the fact that people simply do not think about their relationship with God. You need to be able to see the good that is around us, appreciate it and be grateful. If we do not act according to our desires, but since God teaches us, we receive blessings, and with them our faith also grows. It also grows stronger when we are confronted with trials and successfully overcome them by relying on God.

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Choice of religion

Often, people are worried about such a question - is it enough just to believe in God or do you need to belong to any religion? Since God loves order in everything, it is not surprising that he made sure that people could worship him in an organized manner. Since the beginning of human history, people have gathered together to worship God, and this is the case today.But how to determine which religion to choose? You can pay attention to some important questions, and if the answer is yes, then we can assume that the choice of religion is made correctly.

  1. Are the teachings of this religion based on the Word of God? If the teachings are based on the words of God, not of people, then this religion does not teach human wisdom. To understand whether this is actually the case, you need to compare the words of God recorded in the Bible with the basic teachings of religion.
  2. Does religion tell about God as a Person, about his plans, qualities, and deeds? If religion teaches to rely on God, reveals his name, intentions, goals, and qualities, then this will undoubtedly help strengthen faith and learn to rely on God in everything.
  3. If we are talking about the Christian religion, does she recognize the role of Jesus Christ as Savior and Son of God? This is an important aspect, since relationships with the Creator depend on it.
  4. Are the teachings of the Bible a way of life in this religion or is it all reduced to performing rites? Formal worship can deceive people, but not God, so it is important to exercise faith not for show, but with the whole heart.
  5. Does religion teach love and peace? Many confessions call for this, but do their works show that they follow their calls.It is important to love people regardless of their racial, religious and social affiliation, as well as maintain peaceful relations with all people.