"Who" - what part of speech?

Alik Mullahmetov
Alik Mullahmetov
February 28, 2013
"Who" - what part of the speech?

Most likely, we never thought how often we use such a simple word as "who." Few people would even think to ask: the word "who" - what part of the speech? Remember the school years. If you do not go into details, in the school program the word "who" is defined as an interrogative pronoun. And for the more curious, consider this question a little deeper. So the word "who" can be:

  • interrogative pronoun;
  • relative pronoun;
  • union word.

Examples of use:

  • The interrogative pronoun: "Who knocked at the door?" Used when asking a general question.
  • Relative pronoun: "Everyone who came to the lecture, got the credit machine." This refers to a certain circle of people to which the pronoun "who" refers.
  • The union word: "He who goes to bed early and wakes up early, will become healthier."