Why are cold hands?

Some people are worried about the problem of constantly cold limbs. More often, this problem bothers the representatives of the weaker sex. According to statistics, every third woman asks the question: "Why are hands always cold?" This is due to the fact that in women the thermoregulation of the body is weaker than in men. Women are forced to wrap themselves in sweaters and wear wool socks instead of silk stockings. But even in the hottest weather, their hands can remain cold.

The presence of cold hands and feet is not always associated with weather conditions, this may indicate some diseases in the body.

Why does a man have cold hands?

When you feel that your limbs are constantly icy, this is a cause for concern and a visit to the doctor. Doctors found out that the hands and feet are cold because of a spasm in the small capillaries of the limbs. The blood stops flowing in sufficient quantities and as a result cold extremities. However, the following diseases can be the cause of this disease:

  • Vegetative vascular dystonia. This disease affects more residents of big cities than rural areas.In vegetative-vascular dystonia, the vessels and capillaries shrink randomly, so the blood flow to organs and tissues can be disturbed. Other symptoms of the disease: distraction, headache, drowsiness, rapid heartbeat.
  • Iron-deficiency anemia. When the body lacks such an important trace element as iron, a person quickly spends heat and begins to freeze.
  • Diets Many women exhaust themselves with diets, in accordance with which you need to eat low-calorie foods that contain a small amount of fat. If the body does not receive every day a sufficient amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates, then it is not able to function normally, including correct thermoregulation. Therefore, hands and feet can be cold.
  • Diseases of the thyroid gland. When the thyroid gland malfunctions, an insufficient amount of hormones is secreted. This amount is not enough for the production of energy for the whole organism, and the limbs are "heated" weakly.

Also, the presence of cold hands and feet may be associated with taking some medication, with heart and gastrointestinal diseases, as well as with immune diseases.Therefore, if you are concerned about the question of why your hands are always cold, do not delay your visit to the doctor!

Why does a child have cold hands?

Parents are often worried about this issue. In a child, cold limbs signal that he is either cold or ill. If cold hands are accompanied by lethargy and high temperature, then it may be a cold or flu. After the child recovers, this problem disappears by itself.

In infants, cold hands should not cause anxiety. Thermal regulation of the baby is still very weak, so his hands can remain cold even in the heat. But if at the same time the child is bad to eat, become drowsy and inactive, then you should consult a doctor.

How to make your hands warm?

  • Bathhouse If you have no contraindications for going to the bath, then it will be an excellent prevention against icy hands.
  • Do not smoke! Remember that each inhaling causes a spasm of small capillaries, as a result of which the blood circulation of the extremities is disturbed.
  • Dress for the weather. In winter, cover your head and hands. Do not wear tight shoes and tight clothing that makes it difficult for blood to enter the tissue.
  • Charging.Begin the morning with a light warm-up - this will help disperse the blood through the body and come in tone.
  • Warm food. Do not forget to eat right. Eat hot food at least once a day. It is also recommended to drink ginger tea. Ginger warms up the body well, improves blood circulation.

Be healthy!