Why are the eyes blue?

Blue eyes are incredibly attractive, they are able to fascinate at first sight both men and women. But what lies in this heavenly hue, and how did the blue color of the eyes appear at all? Why are the eyes blue? They are still looking for answers to these questions, although there are some guesses on this matter.

What affects eye color?

Everyone has different eyes: someone has a sky-blue, someone has an emerald green, and someone has a black one like the night. But, why is the color palette of the eyes so diverse? It's all about melanin - the natural pigment that is in hair, skin, tissues, retina, wool. The color of our skin, hair and eyes depends on melanin. And the nature of the distribution of melanin in the retina depends on the color of the eyes, which can vary from black to light gray. Melanin, which determines the color of the eyes, is located in the front layer of the iris in chromatophores. The back layer of the iris, regardless of eye color, is always dark (except for albinos).

How did blue eyes appear

Melanin is a dark pigment that has long been proven by scientists.But then the question naturally arises: why are the eyes blue? As it turned out, a gene mutation occurred (it is observed in 99.5% of all blue-eyed people), as a result of which a blue eye color appeared. Initially, people had dark brown eyes. But, according to some scientists, mutations associated with eye color that occurred about 6-10 thousand years ago in the Neolithic period, gave impetus to the emergence of an unusual blue color. It is assumed that a mutation that occurred in the OCA2 gene (it is responsible for eye color) occurred in the northwestern part of the Black Sea region.

Professor Eyberg was most thoroughly involved in the question of eye color mutations, and he believes that all blue-eyed people have one common ancestor. He conducted a special study, for which he chose 800 blue-eyed people of different nationalities, and found out that almost all of the subjects had the same change in the same DNA segment responsible for eye color. In people with brown eyes, on the contrary, in the DNA regions responsible for eye color, there is a great diversity in these genes. It is thanks to this information that Eiberg concluded that all blue-eyed are descendants of one common ancestor.

The nature of the blue-eyed

Why are the eyes blue, we have already found out.Now a little about what character traits are peculiar to blue-eyed. It is considered that sentimentality and persistence are peculiar to owners of dark blue eyes. Such people are capricious and unpredictable.

Blue-eyed people forgive, but insults are remembered for a long time. Often people with blue eyes can deceive others. Such people are purposeful and hard, they are leaders who are used to getting their way. It happens that they experience severe depression or anger, but this is less common. Much more often, a calm, flat character is characteristic of the blue-eyed. People with blue eyes - nature is creative, they love to translate their ideas into reality. In the sensual plan, blue-eyed people trust their intuition, they are impulsive, but they build their marriage, relying not only on feelings, but also on logic and common sense.