Why are we born?

He got up, brushed his teeth, ate, ran to study / work, hung up on the Internet / TV in the evening or read something, went to bed. Since the morning is the same, and so almost every day ... Many people live their lives according to this scenario. Sooner or later, a person thinks about what he lives for, if everyday life is all the same. And even if everything in life is good and not so boring, any person at least once in his life will have a thought about the meaning of his life.

Why are we born? We will try to consider this philosophical question from different angles.

What is the meaning of human birth?

Few of those who think about how he lives, want to live their lives meaningless, but because each of these people is trying to understand his destiny on the planet. We will summarize some popular points of view.

  • Skeptics in answering this question no longer rely on the goal of their birth, and not on the cause. Simply speaking, we are born because our parents have “made” us, and now we are their continuation. You should not look for some very deep meaning in your life, you just need to live the way you live and how you like it better.
  • People who believe in God believe that life on planet Earth is a preparation for their subsequent afterlife, and where it will continue - in heaven or in hell - depends on how you live. It turns out that a person’s life is a series of tests, when he must make a permanent choice between good and evil, learn something, improve himself spiritually, and then go on to a more perfect world.
  • There are people who believe in reincarnation and karma. In this case, the life of a person is the “working off” of his bad karma in the past life or “reward” after the past righteous life. Depending on how a person lives, you can say what he was born for. If he lives badly, it means that he “fulfills” his mistakes in the last incarnation; if it rolls like cheese in butter, it means that he behaved well in his past life. Thus, we were born in order to correct the mistakes of the past and to draw some lessons from real life. Until karma is exhausted, a person will be reborn again and again in different incarnations in the future.
  • There are people who do not believe in God and do not know what will happen after death, but at the same time they do not consider their lives to be a meaningless existence.They just want to be happy, and for this they need to find an inexhaustible and strong goal for their whole life. When a person finds her and feels comfortable with her, he understands why he was born. So, someone thinks that he was born in order to influence the destinies of other people, to inspire these people, to make them better, stronger and wiser, and this finds its meaning. Someone is embodied in any activity: a talented writer, a brilliant artist, a great statesman, a wise mother, a crazy inventor, an outstanding scientist, etc.

As you can see, each person has his own opinion on this issue.