Why is the baby red?

January 24, 2015
Why is the baby red?

Many parents often notice redness on the skin of their children. This is due to a variety of factors. Redness on the skin of a child may seem an unserious phenomenon, but do not neglect them, because redness may be a sign not only of allergies, but also of a more serious disease. In this article we will discuss what could be the causes of redness in a child’s skin. And also we will answer the question why the child is red.

Redness on the body of a child

The most common causes of redness on the body of a child are as follows:

  • Various allergic reactions that may occur due to improper diet, wearing clothes that contain toxic substances. Games with items that also contain toxic substances.
  • In addition, reddening can be caused by the presence of domestic animals, wool carpet or any other tissue that can cause allergies to the sensitive skin of the child.
  • Redness on the skin can be caused due to the contact of the diaper with the skin of the child. In this case, simply enough to fasten the diaper is not too tight.
  • Redness can be the symptoms of diseases such as eczema, versicolor or dermatitis.
  • In addition, redness is a symptom of more serious diseases that are infectious. These include measles, rubella, or scarlet fever. As a rule, in these cases, redness looks like a rash and is accompanied by fever.
  • Also, the cause of redness on the skin can be the usual overheating, frostbite of the skin (very often the child reddens the cheeks because of these reasons). It is also possible that the redness was caused by burns.

What to do in case of reddening

As a rule, if the child does not have a temperature, this means that his skin simply reacts to some kind of irritant. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate what caused the allergic reaction. Redness can be treated with the help of special ointments, for example, La Cree. There is also cosmetics for children, which is specifically designed to relieve irritation.To remove redness, you can use licorice extract, avocado, and you can also make a tincture of vegetable oil.

As for those cases where the redness was caused by diseases such as lichen or skin eczema, here it is better to immediately consult a doctor. Self-medication can only lead to a deterioration of the child’s condition. In non-hazardous cases, for example, because of abrasions or because of burns, you can use special creams and ointments that will remove irritation and soothe the skin.

As you know, children can happen a variety of health problems. To be fully prepared we recommend reading several articles.