Why can dry lips?

Dry and cracked lips - not a pleasant sight. The lips of the fair sex are a very sexy and attractive part of the face, so I would like to keep it in perfect shape. However, every woman, and more than once, thought about why the lips dry and crack, while delivering considerable discomfort. Not only is it just unpleasant, such a problem can lead to infection and various inflammations of the epidermis of the lips.

In order to take some measures and start treating cracked and dry lips, it is necessary to determine the causes of this trouble.

Causes of the problem

  • There is a dependence of the state of your lips on the time of year. If in the summer dryness of the lips is observed, then this most likely indicates a lack of moisture in the body. An increase in the daily intake of water is likely to solve this problem. In winter, lips, like other areas of the skin, are prone to bad weather — wind, snow, and frost. Therefore, a thin layer of the upper epidermis of the lips should be covered with protective agents - hygienic lipstick, for example.
  • Dry lips can also be an allergic reaction to some individual components of your toothpaste, incompatibility with individual components. Therefore, if the first problem does not exactly apply to you, then you should change the toothpaste.
  • Smokers lips dry much more and more often than non-smokers. Inhalation of tobacco affects not only the general condition of your body as a whole, but also the epidermis separately.
  • Often, manufacturers of lipsticks, gloss and hygiene products for the lips add low-quality dyes, which can cause an allergic reaction. Women, not knowing this fact, paint their lips twice as often, trying to hide chapped lips, thereby aggravating their condition.
  • The condition of your lips depends on the food you eat. Such a dry effect can cause spices that are contained in it.
  • Chapped and dry lips can be a sign of a stressful state, during which a person involuntarily licks and bites his lips too often. This may be the reason why your lips dry the child, that’s why you should take a closer look at his behavior.
  • As you can see, there can be a lot of reasons, so it's worth taking a careful look at your case. If not one of the above items does not suit you, then it is possible that your body suffers from a lack of vitamin A, B, and E. In this case, the doctor prescribes a vitamin complex that restores balance in the body.
  • Many women during pregnancy wonder why their lips dry and how long will it last? In the early stages of this interesting situation, women experience toxicosis and avitaminosis, even with a balanced diet. This is a consequence of the restructuring of the body and changes in hormonal levels during pregnancy. Again, a designated vitamin complex can help here, eating large amounts of fruits and vegetables.

Solve the problem

It is necessary to identify the cause and fight it. Daily lip massages with finger pads, a towel, or a wet toothbrush can help. It takes only a couple of minutes, and the effect will not take long.

Lips love food. You can moisturize the skin of the lips with the help of purchased hygiene products, but try to avoid the presence of dyes in them.The best means will be natural moisturizers - sea buckthorn little, petroleum jelly, grape seed oil, carrot juice, butter, vitamin A and E in oil.

A change of lipstick, toothpaste, and nutrition can also help to combat the problem of dry lips.

Healthy food can be created using the secrets of traditional medicine. Such products have a softening and moisturizing property, your lips will thank you more than once for the 20 minutes spent.

Very important is the fact that with increased dryness there is a constant desire to lick them, thereby supposedly soften the skin. There will have to control their actions, because it brings additional harm and interferes with treatment. If a child’s lips dry out a lot, he will have to explain this fact and look at it, because it is often an involuntary reaction of our body that is difficult to control.

Nourishing and effective masks

For example, a sour cream mask for the skin of the lips is very useful. In a couple of tablespoons of sour cream dilute a spoonful of lemon juice. There you can also add a couple of drops of any vegetable oil. You can pamper your lips for 15-20 minutes.

Also very good fruit care. To do this, for example, grate half of the peeled apple on a grater. The resulting gruel mix with vegetable oil (tea spoon) and apply the mixture on the lips, hold for 15-20 minutes, then wash them with warm water. In place of an apple, you can use cucumber, watermelon, apricot, banana and many other fruits.

Home-made balms also have a nourishing and healing properties. For example, a balm of rose petals - freshly crushed and mixed petals with a tablespoon of lard. Infusion stored in the refrigerator and apply daily.

Be healthy and smile. After all, a smile is the most free and priceless means to look beautiful.

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