Why cat vomits?

Galina Uneasy
Galina Uneasy
March 20, 2013
Why cat vomits?

As a rule, vomiting is a natural reaction for any living organism. Thanks to it, unnecessary substances, toxins, excess food, etc. are removed from the body. But a loving owner cannot just look at the suffering of his beloved. It is necessary to understand why the cat vomits, so that you are more or less calm about the health of your pet.

Vomiting due to food

If vomiting occurs within 20-30 minutes after the cat has eaten, then this indicates that she simply ate the excess food or swallowed it quickly. Also, vomiting may occur if you began to give the cat another feed or chose the wrong one.

The reasons why the cat vomits after eating can also be: a sick stomach, gastritis, cholecystitis, periodic expansion of the esophagus, which leads to the fact that food simply does not reach the stomach.

If the cat vomits blood

Vomiting of blood is one of the most dangerous. This vomiting can be caused by damage to the mucous membrane from the oral cavity down to the small intestine, or rather its upper part.It can also be caused by ulcers, various kinds of tumors, etc.

If the blood is dark, this indicates that the cat has a damaged stomach or duodenum. This may occur due to the fact that digestive juices, going beyond the limits of the stomach, damage the elements of protection and are saturated with blood. Why a cat vomits bloody due to the fact that it has a bowel obstruction or damage to the abdominal cavity. Then you need to urgently turn to the vet.

If the cat vomits bile

If vomiting of yellow liquid or bile is observed, this indicates that the cat has a sick liver or gallbladder. Also, this can be observed if the cat is not the first time to vomit, and at the same time she does not eat anything for a long time after that.

In general, vomiting of bile is a dangerous symptom since bile adversely affects the mucous surface of the stomach and causes inflammation. As a result, digestion is disturbed, which directly threatens the life of the animal.

Causes of vomiting in cats may be different. But it must be remembered that self-healing is not necessary. Self-medication also does not help when the cat vomits constantly observed, which can lead to dehydration and death. Need to consult a doctor.