Why do men quit?

Any man will be surprised by the number of possible causes of a break in relations. Some of these reasons are purely individual, in others he is not recognized even to himself. It is important for a woman to know about such reasons in order to make as few mistakes as possible. Why do men leave women? Here are at least 11 reasons for a break and do not say later that you did not know.

  1. Loss of interest. A man loses interest not only to the silly girl, but also to his girlfriend, who is clearly smarter than him. Theses on mutual intellectual enrichment are understandable to his mind, but contrary to his instinct. A separate question - interest in bed. A bound partner runs the risk of being labeled a “log,” too much initiative would be scary and alarming. The best behavior is to simply respond to him, to help him learn your reactions to affection to the last detail.
  2. Psychological incompatibility. Do you count on long-term relationships? Then, if your man was wrong, he will have enough time to admit it. Do not be uncompromising, do not force him to constantly make concessions.And never show your triumph if life has proved you right: even in the men's team it is a moveton. Why do men give up women who are proud of their superiority? Does the “head” of the family like to be humiliated?
  3. Incontinence. A man is a much more social being. Your partner, an emotional outburst in public, can often be perceived worse than the one they are directed at.
  4. The rich past of women. There is nothing, except - “take care of the honor from your youth,” it is impossible to advise. A man wants to be unique: he would rather become the 1st who left a woman than 666 in the list of her lovers.
  5. Overdose of confidence. Do not load your beloved with stories about your specific female difficulties: he is not organically able to perceive them adequately. If in doubt, call your best friend and share with her. Topics to which she will respond without enthusiasm can be reserved for her man.
  6. Neglected look That is why men leave their wives, because they (wives) often stop watching completely after the wedding. No man is able to remember in what dress his girlfriend shone.Also, no man is able to forget the case when his girlfriend frankly did not shine. Permissible reasons to neglect self-care - only fire, death or the end of the world.
  7. Greed. The slightest suspicion that you stay with a man just for money or gifts, if you do not lead to an immediate rupture, it will worsen the relationship irreversibly. In the absence of love, purely in economic terms, the services of a prostitute have an order of magnitude more attractive price-quality ratio.
  8. Frank matrimonial claims. Why do men throw mistresses? Sometimes women start rushing things. And hurrying events, you mean that you want to always be only with him. His perception, alas, is different: “She is interested in her family, not me, she wants to bring a routine into our relationship.” Until he himself made an offer, he is objectively not ready for family life. Isn't a developed beloved one better than a half-finished husband?
  9. Treason. This reason in general can be left without comment. Any tiffs, complaints, etc. among other things, they say to a man that your interest in him has not faded away. Treason - an indication of loss of interest, the logical finale of relationships.
  10. The superiority of women in income. A century ago, this was wildness, now it happens all the time. But manners, customs, public opinion have enormous inertia. Do not focus attention on this, do not allow social stamps to destroy your union.
  11. Pregnancy. Trite nowadays to advise to protect themselves. Need to know when not to be protected. Oh, in any case, not when your partner is clearly too "green" for paternity. And his age has nothing to do with it, since the decision to have children must be conscious and timely. A person who is forced to do something will resist it with all his might, so nothing good will come of it. That is why men leave pregnant women, if a person has no responsibility, then it is unlikely that she will appear at the time you have planned. Do not think that pregnancy is the way to keep a man. The future child is worthy of being presented to the future father as a gift, and not as a burden. If a man is not ready to have children, he will not appreciate his new status at all.