Why do not send SMS?

Vladislav Meriin
Vladislav Meriin
April 1, 2013
Why do not send SMS?

SMS messages have become an integral part of our daily life. With the help of SMS, we can easily and conveniently arrange a meeting, notify you of a delay, send pleasant words or report the latest news.

But what to do if suddenly a situation arises when you need to send an SMS, but for some reason it is not sent. So, we will consider the main reasons why SMS is not sent from different operators.

Zero balance

It is ridiculous and banal, but before you get angry and blame the operator for all mortal sins, including mistakes in sending SMS, check the balance of your account to start. It often happens that you simply do not have enough funds to send, as they ended, or you did not pay the subscription fee in time. In this case, you should simply replenish the account, and the service will work in full mode. Now there are a large number of ATMs and other ways to replenish the account, so this problem is easy to solve.

Invalid SMS center number

The most important, important and widespread reason why SMS Tele2 is not sent, for example, and other operators, is in the incorrectly indicated SMS center number. If the number is incorrect, it is impossible to send a message, no matter how hard you try. Be sure to go to the text messaging settings and check the SMS center number, having previously checked it with the number provided by the operator’s support service.

Network overload

Another reason why SMS Beeline is not sent can be because the operator’s network is overloaded. This happens on big holidays: New Year, Christmas, March 8th, etc. On such days, people are actively writing congratulations to each other via SMS, calling and the load on the cellular network of the operator is quite large. It is worth remembering that your message will certainly be delivered, though, perhaps, and with a delay.

Broken sim card

The reason why SMS is not sent Megaphone may be an old or out of order SIM card. There are cases when an old SIM card allows incoming and outgoing calls, but there may be difficulties with messages.In this case, you need to contact the service center of the cellular operator, where you will be replaced with the new SIM card free of charge and in a short time. And already inserting it directly into the phone. You will be able to send messages.


Some are interested in the MTS support service: why SMS messages are not sent to a short number. People often come across this when trying to order a service, share, or ringtone. It is worth remembering that SMS to short numbers are paid according to individual rates and can cost several times more expensive than the standard cost of messages. It is worthwhile to clarify the tariffs for SMS roaming, they may also differ from the standard. This is useful in case you do not send messages from abroad.