Why do people laugh?

Such a simple and peculiar thing to all of us like laughter for scientists is still a mystery. And even more questions are caused by the fact that in the same unfamiliar joke some people laugh to the point of falling, while others only shrug their shoulders in bewilderment. Why do people laugh? We will try to answer this question.

What do we know about laughter

Humans are the only creatures on the planet who can laugh. And all that scientists today know about why we laugh is:

  • An adult laughs about 17 times a day;
  • During the laughter 80 facial muscles are involved;
  • Laughter from the soul can burn 550 calories in half an hour, and one minute of laughter is equivalent to 10 minutes of fitness;
  • During laughter, blood pressure decreases, blood flow improves, stress levels decrease;
  • Laughter contributes to the production of endorphins and antidepressants, which leads people into a state of peace;
  • Laughter is one of the reactions of a person to humor or tickling;
  • Laughter can be a sign of nervous tension or mental disorder;
  • Laughter is not an innate emotion, and it is not transmitted by genotype.

The study of laughter deals with a special section of psychiatry, it is called gelotology. The scientific definition of laughter is: a complex act that consists of modified respiratory movements associated with a particular facial expression.

How can laughter

Laughter is different, it can be natural, bold, placating, and it can be ingratiating, mocking, threatening, when we experience very strong emotions, there can even be "laughter through tears." But if those who laugh, laughter is still soothing, then those whom they laugh at can he upset and insult. We love jokes, but we don’t like to be their objects, and when it still happens, we sometimes sigh bitterly: Why do they laugh at me? People really laugh when they see clumsiness or weakness in another person. Therefore, hearing loud laughter next to them, people with low self-esteem first of all consider that they are laughing at them. Why do they laugh in their sleep? Laughter is a natural reaction for us, but sometimes we so suppress our emotions that they begin to manifest themselves at the moment when we stop controlling our mind, namely in a dream.

What causes laughter

In trying to answer the question of the century, what exactly causes laughter, why small children smile, why girls laugh, whence comes the sense of the funny, scientists spend years. And the exact answer is not found. The expert on laughter Robert Provine has been recording people’s conversations for hours trying to understand what makes them laugh. And he revealed only general patterns - laughter was a reaction to a funny joke, to an unexpected resolution of the situation, and sometimes it just arose without a reason. But one thing is known for sure, laughter is inherent in all people from birth, not as a psychic, but as a physiological feature. Even people deaf and dumb from birth laugh who never heard laughter. Perhaps laughter is our social interaction tool. After all, a good laugh rallies, makes people simpler and closer, but it can also embroil if people laugh at each other, and always without exception attracts the attention of people of the opposite sex.