Why do we need children?

For some people, both women and men, the question of why children are needed sounds strange. “How?” They exclaim, “Is there more joy in the world than the appearance of a child, your child?” But this article is not written for them, but rather for those who doubt whether to bear a child.

The value of procreation

Let's turn to nature first. Animals do not ask questions why children are needed. They just multiply. For what? Because instinctively they understand that the continuation of the species is the continuation of them. You may or may not believe in past and future lives, but the fact that your future life is the life of your child is beyond doubt for a reasonable person. Is not this one of the main meanings of our existence - in the continuation of life? Exactly. Even if we turn to the life of some very revered sages, we learn that many of them had children. If even the wisest do not deny the value of procreation, perhaps this will be an occasion to reflect on the birth of a child for you. Indeed: we continue in our children,not in the next lives, but in children! After all, how simple it all really is! Thanks to Mother Nature that she invented such a way of human immortality, because our children are the most valuable things we have. Do you really think that millions and billions of living beings (and many people!) Are wrong when it is in procreation that they see the main goal of their life? There may be other goals in life, and even quite a few, but the birth and upbringing of offspring is one of the most important goals for almost every living being.

Children are the greatest joy in life

Think, isn't it wonderful to teach your baby to take the first steps, to teach him to read, count, tell him how the world works, incidentally answering all his questions? Communication with the child teaches us a lot too. Next to the children, we become spontaneous, fun, carefree, natural, we can be ourselves. Practically only our children and the closest people accept us as we are - this is also where the benefits for a person from raising their own children are.

Children also allow us to fully express our feelings. Remember how sometimes I wanted to say something in a rush, but it did not work out: they were shy, they thought they wouldn’t understand. But the child, your child will understand. And not only understand, but also answer you the same.Raise children and learn from them yourself. If you have a lot of interests, and you sincerely share them with your baby, you will see that he will also like one of your favorite activities. And it does not matter if you have a girl or a boy, they both can share your passion.

Someone gives birth to a child because it is necessary, but many do it consciously, perfectly understanding all the joys and difficulties of motherhood and fatherhood. And they give birth not one, but several children. And why a few? Because most often a child needs a brother or sister, and parents need another baby. And not only for, so to speak, their own reproduction, but also in order to once again experience the joy of raising a tiny baby, once again to do the first steps with it.

The child is the basis of the family

And finally, this thought: can there really be a full-fledged family without a child? The very concept of "family" implies the presence of at least two, who should have someone third. After all, why do people meet, fall in love and get married? Of course, in order to create a family - strong and friendly. And try to say that there are other goals! For those who love each other and who marry, there are no other goals and can not be.And now a child appears in the family in order to bring the parents closer together, to rally the family even more closely. Paying attention to the child, many parents become more tender to each other and kinder to others. Children teach us to love, make friends, be ourselves and enjoy life.