Why dream eyelashes

Eyelashes decorate our eyes, protect from dust and wind. In our dreams, this attribute of beauty is a rare guest, but still sometimes a dream with eyelashes can mark very specific situations.

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Why dream eyelashes

Dream Miller

Long, thick eyelashes in a dream mean the upcoming success and success. If you see the eyes, fringed with beautiful eyelashes from another person - spin the novel, go on a love date. Eyes without eyelashes - get ready for betrayal and disappointment. False, artificial eyelashes - an intrigue is created around you, which you will not be able to solve. Luxurious eyes with thick eyelashes foreshadow a joyful event. In life there will be a radical change for the better.

Dream interpretation denise lynn

In this dream book, eyelashes bordering beautiful and open eyes are associated with the desire to run away from reality, to close our eyes to bad events and circumstances. Also, the dream suggests that the sleeper has something very expensive, intimate, which he seeks to save from the bad.Too long eyelashes symbolize a desire to exaggerate the importance of circumstances. Also, the length speaks of the imminent journey, the realization of the plans made in reality, and tremendous success in everything. You may receive a reward much higher than expected.

Too thick and long eyelashes, eyebrows warn about quarrels in the family or with friends. You need to be more restrained, treat your loved ones with respect, and take their opinion into account. To dream of the beautiful eyes of another person with thick and long eyelashes - you will be overwhelmed with a romantic interest, there will be a love date and sexual pleasure. The subject of your sighs will be the person to whom they were treated as a friend.

People's Dream Book

Why dream eyelashes overhead? Artificial means that you are too trusting. Detractors can take advantage of your openness and harm in business, in relations with relatives. Also beware of being manipulated by a manipulator. Eyelashes - like to splurge. To see the eyes with artificial eyelashes in the mirror - become a victim of someone else's intrigue.Dyeing eyelashes to another person - your perfidy on top. You can easily deceive a person who sincerely trusts you. Before you deal with him unsightly, think about the consequences, but they will be disastrous. Cut your eyelashes - you have an unexpected trip, in which you do not really want to go.