Why dream of a furnace?

Kate flower
Kate flower
March 7, 2015
Why dream of a furnace?

Virtually every person wondered what he was dreaming of. Previously, however, as now, dreams were attributed to mystical values, up to the opportunity to look into the future. For this reason, a lot of dream books appeared with a huge choice of interpretations of certain things. In this article we will look at why the furnace is dreaming.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (detailed)

The furnace means that you will soon come to a solution to a problem that has long tormented you.

Noble dream book N. Grishina

Warm hearth or stove - the acquisition of a good friend soon.

Blow up the fire - chores await you.

To extinguish the fire in the furnace - to the problems and dangers.

Bask at the stove or on the stove - expect a long way.

New family dream book

The cooled down oven - to the trouble, in which you will be guilty.

The stove burning down - to good luck soon.

Dream of azar

Hot stove or fire in it - to great luck.

The collapsed stove - to the good news and pleasant unexpected guests.

Children on the stove - to the addition in the family.

Cold oven - you make mistakes in communicating with people.

May Dream

Old oven - meeting with a man from the past.

The stove is dismantled or broken when you are waiting for change and a new way of life.

A new or successfully renovated stove - to the soon and very pleasant guests.

The cooled down stove in an empty house - to a quick break with a person close to you.

If a girl dreams, as one of her friends brags about a beautiful stove, - to a quick successful marriage.

To lie on the stove - to miss an important event that could positively affect the success of your business.