Why dream of a whale?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
February 26, 2015
Why dream of a whale?

The whale in the real world is a friendly and non-aggressive animal, but is it good if the whale comes in a dream? The interpretation of dreams is rarely logical and, unfortunately, if you dreamed a whale - this is not always a good sign.

Let's see what the whale dreams about.

Whale: interpretation of sleep

Consider the different interpretations of this dream for different dream books.

Dream Miller

According to this dream book, the whale - the harbinger of internal contradictions - you will soon have to rush between family debt and work duties, and you will be at risk of losing your property.

If a whale is killed in a dream, it is a sign that you will make the right choice and achieve success that will bring you complete satisfaction. In the event that the whale attacks the ship and turns it over, a black line awaits you.

Dream dream wanderer

The dream of a wanderer claims that a whale in a dream is a symbol of a long-distance journey, and if a whale swallows you, it means that you will have a dizzying success.

French dream book

This dream book says that the whale, seen in a dream, promises help in reality, and it will come from an unexpected side. In the event that in your dream the whale has cast ashore - wait for major troubles.

Old Russian dream book

In the old Russian dream book, it is said that the whale dreams of great distress, but if you see only a whalebone, that is wealth.

Modern dream book

A modern dream book says that seeing a whale while sailing on a ship is a sign that you have taken on too many things and because of this you can miss the most important thing. If a whale collides with a ship and a shipwreck occurs - wait for a lot of trouble and disappointment.

Dream son maya

Dream Maia foreshadows the following - if there is a whale on the shore - wait for a bright and unusual event in the water - you will soon have to make a difficult decision.