Why dream of sugar?

March 7, 2015
Why dream of sugar?

The person who saw sugar in a dream is likely to have pleasant impressions, because this substance is associated with sweets, childhood and unconcern. However, this dream can mean not only fun and joy: this image can be a harbinger of quarrels and disagreements.

Let's see what the dream of sugar.

Sugar in a dream: interpretation

To see sugar in a dream, according to most dream books, means that you exaggerate your problems: they will all be easily resolved in the near future.

Sugar also symbolizes prosperity, light ("sweet") life.

Remembering the context of the dream and some details, you can get a more specific interpretation:

  • If you eat pieces of sugar in your sleep - you will find happiness in love, you will soon have a romantic date. Although, according to Miller’s dream book, such a dream foreshadows only troubles, which, however, will end well.
  • A variety of sweets, sugar candies and sweets are a symbol of health and well-being, as well as the appearance of small children in the house.
  • If you saw a bag of sugar in your dream, this is also a good sign - you are in for a great fortune, a profit.
  • But if you in your dream sugar scattered - it is to quarrels, family problems, envy.
  • Add sugar to the pan - it means your good relations with close people, friends and neighbors. However, if you put sugar in a cup of tea - this is, according to some dream books, a sign that you want to diversify your sex life.
  • A dream in which you are interested in the price of sugar, warns that you are threatened by enemies. It is necessary to be very careful in all spheres of life - from business to love relationships.

Or maybe you are just a big sweet tooth and on the eve of oatmeal refined sweets and sweets? Everything is possible, because many dreams are simply a reflection of the impressions received recently.