Why dream of a shoulder?

Oksana Vasilyeva
Oksana Vasilyeva
February 19, 2015
Why dream of a shoulder?

If the subconscious focuses our attention in a dream on a particular part of the body, then this usually indicates a health problem. But not always. Often, such a dream may contain symbolic parallels with events in life, and, therefore, to warn about something. For example, let's figure out what dreams of a shoulder or shoulders. How dream books interpret such dreams.

  • Thin shoulders with bulging bones - your life is largely dependent on other people, their whims and whims. Perhaps it is time to somehow change the situation.
  • Bare shoulders - soon there will be positive changes in your life that will force you to look at the world with different eyes.
  • Spitting over his shoulder - you are waiting for the temptations that you will desperately resist.
  • Break the shoulder - you are waiting for recognition, success and fame.
  • Shoulders of different heights and sizes - your life is monotonous. You pay too much attention to one side, completely forgetting about others.
  • Carrying someone on your shoulders - the one you carry desperately needs your help.
  • Swollen shoulders or one shoulder - to the disease.
  • Excessively large shoulders - recovery, gaining strength and general well-being.
  • Something is pressing on the shoulders - you are some kind of responsibility or guilt.
  • Throwing a burden or weight off your shoulders - you will have a successful resolution of some serious problems.

Now you have an idea of ​​how to interpret a dream in which you dreamed shoulders, events or events associated with this part of the body. Just do not forget that you need to approach the interpretation of dreams individually! Even a read interpretation is necessary to “try on” for your own life and your mental state.