Why does the eye twitch?

Probably everyone knows this unpleasant feeling. The muscles of the eyes twitch without any knowledge. You can not control it and the feeling that the eye is twitching so much that it is noticeable from space. However, it is not. Eye twitches unnoticed by a bystander. This illusion is due to the fact that we are not accustomed to such intensive work of the eye muscles. At this contrast a perception error arises. Let's see what causes this annoying phenomenon.

Why eye twitches: causes

  • That's what experts say. A common cause of twitching of the eye muscles may be a nervous tic. Also, overwork, lack of sleep and nervous tension negatively affect the calmness of our body and its sensations. If this is the reason, then you should try to relax, not to think about anything and try not to worry. If you notice that the eye continues to twitch, it is better to consult a doctor.
  • If you experience twitching for a long time, then facial hemispasm may develop.In this case, immediately consult a neurologist to determine the exact diagnosis. Sometimes it happens that after twitching the eye, there is a decrease in vision. In this case, you must first visit an ophthalmologist, and then a neurologist.
  • In addition to fatigue and stress, avitaminosis, which comes to us in the spring, is a frequent cause of eye twitching. It is because of this phenomenon that the conductivity in the synapses of the eye muscles is reduced. Chronic or acute neurosis is perhaps the most common cause of twitching of the eye muscles.
  • If you are wondering why the left eye and the right eye are twitching, know that this may indicate a psychological problem. A psychologist can identify and work out psycho-traumatic situations. Often, this is enough. Try to reduce the time you spend at the computer at the time of treatment. If the eye does not stop twitching within 7-10 days, then it is necessary to visit a neurologist.
  • This unpleasant phenomenon, that is, the twitching of the eye muscles, has a special name. It is called "nystagmus". Interestingly, nystagmus can be both congenital and acquired disease.Nistgam often occurs when looking at and focusing on a fast moving object. Professions such as a miner, a subway operator or a conveyor worker often cause this disease in their representatives. In ordinary people, this effect occurs when eye fatigue, at the time of a quick look to any other side. Nystagmus can manifest itself as a symptom of the following diseases: cranial trauma; contusion or concussion of the brain; brain tumors; hemorrhagic and ischemic strokes; parasitic diseases of the brain; middle ear disease; encephalitis of various origin; multiple sclerosis. If nystagmus occurs, do not resort to self-treatment, as it is dangerous. You need to visit such doctors as the therapist, neuropathologist and otolaryngologist, to find out for certain why it twitches under the eye.

Under no circumstances, "do not run" your health. If you experience any symptoms, you need to consult a doctor. He will tell you what to do if the eye is twitching, and possibly prescribe a certain treatment. There are cases where delay has led to a tragic outcome. Especially, it concerns small children.When any state change, you need to pay attention to the behavior of the child. Do not leave the problem unresolved, do not sit and wonder why the right eye is twitching, why the left one, etc. Remember, any minor injury can lead to serious consequences, including disability and death. Take care of yourself and your family. Health is your main resource. In pursuit of wealth and social success you need to remember yourself first.