Why hurt during sex?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
March 6, 2015
Why hurt during sex?

Sometimes during intimate relationships, a girl may experience unpleasant painful sensations, which can be the consequences of various causes.

Many women in this case wonder why it hurts during sex.

Causes of pain in women

There can be several causes of acute pain or pain:

  • Various diseases of female organs. One of the causes of pain can be various diseases of the uterus or appendages, and sometimes the bladder. In any case, you must consult a gynecologist for advice to prevent serious consequences.
  • Start of the menstrual cycle. Some women claim pain occurs during intercourse, which occurs before the onset of the menstrual cycle.
  • The size of the penis partner. If your partner has a large genital organ, then you may also experience pain. You need to use drugs to reduce it, many doctors recommend using condoms,which a little bit down the sexual organ. Or you should ask your partner not to penetrate deeply.
  • Lack / lack of lubricant. During sex there can be a lack of lubrication (if the woman is not excited), so it can be painful during sex. In this case, it is necessary to excite a woman or in a pharmacy to purchase a special lubricant in the form of a gel.

Causes of pain in men

Men experience pain in the following cases:

  • Injury. Perhaps due to injury, a man cannot have sex in certain positions. These actions can hurt him, so experts advise to abandon them and use "painless" options.
  • Disease. In addition, the cause of pain can be a specific disease of both the sexual organ and the urinary system as a whole. In any case, if you experience unpleasant sensations, you should consult a doctor.