Why in a relationship you can never go headlong

Let's think together what will happen if you lose your fanaticism in your new lover?

You will lose your social status.

Friends and girlfriends will hear several times in response to an invitation: “Oh, I can not, darling does not let go,” and they will stop calling you. Do not expect that everyone will understand, accept, adapt to your new, deeply in love “I” and now they will start to invite you exclusively as a couple. Nobody likes to be friends with those who have more important people. So check in advance, even before becoming a social renegade, whether you are still ready to help your girlfriend, make a company to your parents, or once again meet with old faithful friends, or you have a man now who replaces all kinds of communication.

You will start living someone else's life.

You may not even notice how your hobbies will be replaced with him, and you will be copying what you do with loving eyes, pushing your own hobbies and habits aside.The first two weeks of such a romantic immersion are insanely romantic, and then the process of your self-disappearance runs the risk, because these hobbies were part of the bright personality with which your elect fell in love, and they helped you to relax and restore energy. Do not rush to fall in love enough to sacrifice such important moments.

Why in a relationship you can never go headlong

You lose your freedom

Some girls, to her surprise, don’t really value them and, on the contrary, constantly strive to find some kind of burden for themselves. And in vain, because a positive synonym for loneliness is solitude and valuable moments of enjoying your own company. Take away from a healthy person is the right to be with himself, and he can become nervous and anxious, even without understanding the reason. Correctly someone said that the most appropriate partners in a relationship are those who have learned to exist harmoniously alone, such people do not need to be rescued or entertained, it’s just nice to be with them.

Over time, you will stop "breathing" in a relationship

This is our body to all its receptors: try to breathe in a pleasant scent for a few hours, and it will irritate you,one and the same food will make you lose the taste of the dish and the appetite for it, and the same song in the speakers will bring you almost to a nervous breakdown. Learn to "turn off" relationships and pause love, without implying anything bad: at this moment of detachment you will renew your sensations and return to your union with even greater desire.

After parting you will be madly hurt.

If you did not draw a line between your personality and your partner, then after the completion of the relationship, you will face a psychological collapse equal to the loss of an essential part of yourself. Dependence and absolute concentration exclusively on your second half risk morally drowning you, like a huge ship - a tiny boat. And no, it is not necessary to keep in mind the idea that your novel will ever end, you just need to build a policy in your head from the very beginning: today with him you are happy here and now, and tomorrow you may be separated, but tomorrow Do not want to take this out of life.