Why do the leaves turn yellow?

Growing plants, flowers and vegetables is a laborious, and often very hard work. Caring for any kind of plants - requires not only time, but also knowledge, which will be useful in the event that something goes wrong. The most common negative point can be called - yellowing of leaves.

Why leaves turn yellow, not many people know, for one reason only - they do not face situations where this knowledge is vital. But, for those who grow indoor and agricultural plants, this question comes first.

Most often the leaves turn yellow in cucumbers and cabbage. This factor has many prerequisites, some of which can be corrected in a few days, and some in a few weeks.

  • The first reason: There are too many ovaries on the plant, and it cannot feed them all. Only one way out - pinch off the excess.
  • Reason Two: Lack of phosphorus in the soil. Often the reason for the yellowing of the leaves becomes a lack of mineral fertilizers, and they are essential for the formation of fruits.In this case, just feed your plants. Especially often the phosphorus starvation suffers from cabbage.
  • Reason Three: The flowers of the plant were not pollinated, and the seeds did not form. In this case, you can do the following: put the hives in the greenhouse or self-pollinate them with a brush.

Why leaves of houseplants turn yellow

One of the most common questions housewives or just lovers grow flowers. In this situation, it is harder to understand, since the list of domestic plants is large and each of them has its own characteristics. Yellowing of the leaves can occur for several reasons, and some of them are fairly obvious. If you do not know why the leaves turn yellow in a flower, then try changing the conditions of care one at a time.

  • Very often, the effect of yellowed leaves is the result of flower renewal. He simply restores his health, and over the next growing season he will have new leaves.
  • Overflow. Probably, the overflow is considered the number one reason why the leaves of plants and flowers turn yellow. Watering plants should take place only in the required amount, few flowers will remain to you, we are grateful for the excess water, since each flower has its own daily rate.
  • Yellowing leaves are not always the result of improper care. Sometimes natural aging leads to this result, because with age the plants the lower leaves begin to not only change in color, but also fall off. This is a natural process, so do not be afraid. In particular, the aging process is most quickly manifested in plants such as dracaena and dieffenbachia.
  • Cold drafts are another reason why leaves turn yellow in flowers. Most often, cold drafts cause yellowing in tropical plants. It should be noted that the effects of drafts are significantly different from the effects of being in a strong cold, which will lead to the fact that the leaves just simply become sluggish and dry. If your plant is located near the air conditioner, it is recommended to relocate it to a quieter place and follow its further reaction.
  • Bad light. As you know plants love sunlight, as a result, its lack leads to terrible results. In plants that do not receive the right amount of light, the leaves begin to fall off and turn yellow.Look, if the yellowing of the leaves started from the far side of the light source, then the only way out would be to move it closer to it. Tip: if your apartment receives little natural light, then it is recommended to purchase a fluorescent lamp, it is also simply called “lamp-flora”.
  • Lack of nutrients is also one of the answers to the question of why leaves turn yellow in plants. In such a situation, the upper leaves immediately turn yellow. This may even be due to too much calcium in the water, or the use of hard water. Lack of nitrogen also leads to similar results.
  • Viral infection. This infection may manifest as spotting. If you see spreading yellow spots on the leaves of flowers, then rest assured that this is a viral infection. Such a factor may be accompanied by deformation of the stems or leaves. During this period, you can notice how the flower of the plant begins to discolor. Unfortunately, the viral infection is not cured, and moreover, it can go on to other, nearby flowers. All that remains is to remove the plant if you suspect that it is infected with a viral infection.

Why the tips of the leaves turn yellow

In general, the tips of the plants turn yellow for many reasons, in particular from: lack of nutrients, drafts and dry air.

The lack of air humidity is the main reason for this result. But this does not mean that it should be started to be watered abundantly, as always, the main thing is not to overdo it. Bay plant you only exacerbate this situation. It is also recommended to change the location of the flower, and make sure that during the insulating season the plants are not located near the battery.

However, in spite of all these prerequisites, before the leaves fall, the leaves also fall and turn yellow. So why the leaves turn yellow and fall in the autumn?

Plants or trees dump sheets for one of the reasons - closer to the fall, they begin to lack water. And the first thing that makes plants, so it absorbs all the magnesium from the leaf, and takes it to the branches, roots and stems. It is there that all vital substances of his are stored until the onset of heat. This is the secret of the yellowing of leaves, because chlorophyll without magnesium loses its rich green color.

Instead of leaves giving out all their magnesium to the tree, they get waste material.It can be said that they are used as a garbage bag into which all waste accumulated during all this time in a plant or tree is sent.