Why wear a red string?

Natalya Kosenko
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Why wear a red string?

Often you have to see people on the street, in transport, and even on TV, whose wrist is tied with a red thread. Sometimes this attribute can be seen on the handle of a baby. Why are the threads on the hand and why the red? Ordinary fashion or it performs some function? There are several reasons for this.

Why wear a red thread

The red thread on the wrist of a person can perform various functions.

  • ward The tradition of tying the red thread as a talisman came to us from Israel. The tomb of the ancestor of the Jewish family of Rachel is tied with a red thread. Rachel is considered the protector of humanity, and it is she who gives the magical powers of the thread. The charm will become more powerful if a monk binds it on his wrist;
  • Kabbalistic symbol. According to the Jewish esoteric Kabbalah, only a close person should tie the red thread on the wrist. In this case, it will become a talisman against the evil eye and damage;
  • method of treatment.The red thread improves blood flow, so it is tied with a sprain or sprain of the hand. The kids tied a handle to prevent skin diseases;
  • accessory. Young people often wear baubles made of red thread, solely as an ornament, without giving them much meaning.

How to wear a red string

All energy comes through the left hand, and red color symbolizes strength and protection. Therefore, the red thread on the left wrist is designed to protect against the penetration of negative energy.

Since the red thread absorbs negative energy like a sponge, you should not wear it for more than 40 days. After that, it must be burned.

The person tying the thread must read certain prayers, only in this case it will bring health and well-being to the owner.

Do not be upset if the thread is torn or lost. This means that all the negative has gone with it.