Wine bottle rack

Shelf for wine bottles- we do with our own hands simple wooden shelves for storing wine bottles. A great option for storing bottles in wine cellars, as well as for those who have a bar or a large collection of wines.

Materials and tools:

  1. thick cardboard;
  2. pine board (convenient and easy to handle);
  3. saw;
  4. drill;
  5. jigsaw;
  6. self-tapping screws and joiner glue
  7. scissors, stationery knife;
  8. PVA glue;
  9. varnish and brushes;
  10. clamps.

Step 1

First, cut out the elements of the shelves from the cardboard: the rear and front bottle holders and the board between them (see fig.). Fold, cut in the "holders" grooves for the neck and bottom of the bottle. We will assemble a mock-up and “try on” the bottle by checking how it will hold.

Step 2

Using the mock-up and the obtained dimensions of the grooves for the neck and the bottom,we make elements of the shelf from the board. Saw back and front holder, boards between them. Using a drill and jigsaw, we cut out the grooves in the "holders" for the neck and bottom of the bottles. Then we zashkurim all elements. We will assemble the shelf, fasten the elements together with screws and wood glue.

Paint the shelf with varnish and additionally cover the shelf with furniture varnish.

After the varnish has driedThe shelf for wine bottlesis ready.