World Cup 2014: how was the game Croatia - Mexico

The first half came with the advantage of the Croats. They had more possession of the ball, they were striving to attack quickly. However, Europeans did not succeed in creating really sharp moments. Most often, the Croats were concerned about the defense of the opponent with long-range strikes.

Representatives of Central America chose counterattacking tactics. It is no coincidence, since a draw would be enough for the Mexicans to leave the group. With such raskaladah Mexico could be attributed to the favorites of the match. It was the players of this team in the first half who created the two most dangerous moments at the gates of the Croats. First, after a long-range strike, the goalkeeper of Europeans was saved by the goalpost, and then Peralta received an excellent pass from the depths, went to a rendezvous with Pletikosa, but slipped and could not hit the gate. The first half ended goalless draw.

The second half of the meeting proceeded in a slightly different scenario. In the Croats in attacking actions turned out even less, and the Mexicans seemed to have added. At first, the referee took pity on Croatia when he did not award a penalty for playing a hand in the penalty area of ​​the Croats.But then justice prevailed. At 72 minutes after a corner, Rafael Marquez strikes the gate with his head. The joy of the Mexicans was so strong that their head coach, along with the players, fell into his arms on the field.

After that, the Croats finally collapsed. They missed twice more. Andres Guardado on 75 minutes and Javier Hernandez on 82 minutes issued a crushing score. Now no one doubted that the Mexicans were leaving the group. The Croats managed to play one ball at the end of the match, but this was poor consolation. Ivan Perisic on the 87th minute, designed the only goal against the Mexicans.

The final score of the game 3 - 1 in favor of Mexico allows the winners to score 7 points in group A. At the same time, they are compared with Brazil, but are inferior to the championship owners only by the difference of goals scored and missed. Brazil is in first place, and Mexico is second. Now the team of Mexico in the 1/8 final will meet with the Netherlands national team.