Worm-Man, Or how do you choose an unhappy fate?

How often do you feel sorry for yourself, counting years that did not bring happiness? Or maybe you constantly notice how others talk only about failures and troubles?
Writer, TV presenter, founder of the school of female wisdom “Good wife” Olga Kraynova:
Olga Kraynova

I am surprised by people who, being young and healthy, ache about the mercilessness of fate. When I hear that a woman with two children complains that her husband left her (a few years ago!), She’s not working and her life is ruined, I’m wondering ... After all, some with two and three children are able to start everything with A clean slate and then happily get married. This is a matter of choice. Every person at some point in his life must ask himself the question: am I an earthworm or a person?

If you honestly admit to yourself that you are a spineless creeping creature, ready to live an unhappy life, then there are no questions. You can pretend all your life to be a sacrifice that fate has done poorly (or mother, or ex-husband, or superiors), and continue to drag out a miserable existence, whine and complain about fate.There is no doubt that the easiest way is to blame someone for all the miseries and not make an effort to change something. But you can tell yourself that you are an adult and you are building your life.

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The problem of people is that they believe that there should be no problems in life. This is utter nonsense! Problems are, will be and should be! It is problems and overcoming that make us stronger and ultimately show who we are. As the great Sartre said: “It doesn't matter what they did to you! It's important what you did with what you did to you! "⠀

What's the difference what happened in the past? It happened before. All. You can't change anything. And ahead is the future. Old age is still far away. So do the next 20, 30, 40 years need to continue to live, always remembering one bad experience?

Yes, the whole life ahead! You can arrange everything and become still very, very happy. Unless happiness is to whine and complain. For some it is in this. ⠀

By the way!

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It turns out that there is an explanation. According to Olga Krainova, the first reason for such an injustice at first glance lies in the housing issue. Provincials rent an apartment or a room, and they have a time limit when they need to pay a roof over their heads. They simply have no help. Hence the desire of these girls to immediately look for a decent salary and not to relax, agreeing on processing, and on any instructions of the authorities. Otherwise, they will just be on the street. While Muscovites, having a safety cushion in the form of their own homes, relatives nearby or friends, have a certain spoiledness in their choice of work. Like, this is not a royal business - to ring up customers. Full articleread HERE.