Your terry towels will always be new and even better.

Each hostess knows that washing wool is a rather difficult task. But did you know that the most ordinary terry towels will be able to deliver no less amount of trouble. After all, because of soap, detergents and conditioners for laundry, the fiber becomes coarse and the towels lose their softness and ability to absorb moisture. And sometimes there is a rather unpleasant smell. We want to share with you a trickhow to wash terry towels without harm to the fiber.

Let's first understand why towels spoil.

Terry towels deteriorate due to the fact that we wash them incorrectly. First, they need to be washed once a month with a special home remedy (the rest is ordinary). Secondly, you should not use a fabric softener, because it accumulates in the fibers, losing the ability to absorb moisture.

Homemade Laundry and Softener

We will need:

  • 1 cup of vinegar
  • 0.5 cups of baking soda
  • hot water

How to use:

Load the towels in the washing machine and pour the vinegar into the detergent container, select the mode with the maximum temperature, without spinning and rinsing.

Second round of washing - put soda in a powder container and wash the towels again, but this time with a spin and rinse.

Your towels will be soft and fluffy, as before!

Update 10/01/2017

Advice from the reader

tried this method, but was not impressed. I began to dig further the reason why I have all the towels with the stake after the first wash, oak, hard and all the mahr stuck together :(. And I found the right way on the German site. Since then I have fluffy towels like in a hotel
Write down, in short:
- towels, really, to collect. Well, not a month, of course. And erasing SEPARATE FROM THE REST.
- regular powder + some soda (I have Waschsoda, i.e. in Russian it is caustic)
- rinse ONLY Vernel
- and most importantly: it is always for towels to turn on the “wrinkle protection” mode or a screen iron, i.e. reduced spin speed, on my typewriter 600
- dry preferably in air.

It turns out really great, even the old towels are so good.